Why is the Community platform being closed?

From the day we launched Thrive Global, our Community contributor platform has been a core part of our mission. We believe in the power of storytelling and relatable role models to inspire behavior change, and our open platform was intended to empower contributors to share their challenges and successes and create a vibrant community around well-being. Unfortunately, despite our clear guidelines, many contributors have misused this platform by using it for promotional purposes, plagiarizing stories, uploading unlicensed images, and providing medical misinformation. For nearly five years we have put tremendous effort and resources into monitoring and removing problematic content, but given the volume of posts we receive each day it is unsustainable to vet all contributor content to ensure that it unequivocally meets our editorial standards. While we will continue to publish posts from select experts and thought leaders, we will no longer provide an open platform for publication. Your past posts will remain on our site, but starting Nov 1st, you will no longer be able to log in and publish new posts without completing an application for consideration. To learn more about our application process and submit an application to join, click here.

What will happen to my previously posted articles?

All of your articles will remain live on Thriveglobal.com. The platform will officially close on November 1st, so please be sure to publish or save any drafts before then. You will not be able to access your posts within the publishing platform after the platform has closed. 

Will you continue to have contributors?

Yes, we will continue to publish pieces from our in-house writers along with pieces written by select experts and thought leaders.

Can I apply to be a contributor?

Yes! If you are a thought leader or expert in the well-being space, click here to read more about our application process, and to submit your application to join the platform.

My company is a Thrive enterprise customer and I’ve been asked to contribute to the Role Models section in the Thrive app. Can I still do that? 

Yes! If you have been invited to contribute to the Role Models section, please submit your story via the form provided by your company. 

Are there other ways for me to stay engaged with Thrive?

Yes! To continue to amplify your voice within the Thrive community, sign up here to receive our weekly prompts and contribute to advice round-ups like these.  And you can continue to follow Thrive by subscribing to the Thrive Global newsletter and Arianna Huffington’s On My Mind newsletter.