Ebony Swank

Not everything comes easy. Understanding authentic success and learning how to nurture your path with due diligence and a strong drive to help your customers is where you can truly make a big impact. Putting your customer first is a driving force in growing your bottom line. Today, more than ever people need connection, to be heard, and to feel like a business cares about their needs.

Ebony Swank started her journey into entrepreneurship as a salon owner. While she enjoyed the business side of owning her own business, she knew something was missing. It didn’t fulfill her in the way she’d anticipated. As she looked around, she found inspiration from those around her. It was the fuel she needed to connect with her passion. But even with passion, it wasn’t the key to success. Something again was lacking.

When she finally tied her personality and authentic self to what her customer’s needs were, things clicked. It was in getting a better understanding of her customers, who they were, what they wanted, what inspired them, that she knew she was onto something. In the service industry, it’s the moment that you realize you’re here to help others with their problems, and that you can be the solution they’ve been looking for which truly helps motivate and helps success bloom.

Ebony Swank

Ebony shares this process with other women to help uplift them in their business goals, teaching them financial literacy and offering the inspiration and motivation to keep going even when things are tough.

With having built and run multiple businesses, she understands key elements that help you thrive. She’s been featured on Fox 2 News, Rolling Out Magazine, and Black Enterprise to share her expertise in the business. As a single mother to two girls, she’s driven to not only provide for them but is determined to be a role model of what women are capable of doing given the right path and information.

Ebony Swank

Today, Ebony says her business is about her community. She speaks and shares products and knowledge around topics her community cares about. They discuss relatable issues, show women and models with real bodies, and focus on making a difference.