We’re in the second month of the new year which seems like the optimum time to do a quick check on those resolutions we made. Are we sticking to the fitness regimes, diet, habit changes and working on all those goals we decided to achieve this year? Here’s how I decided I wanted to work on a few things – elimination of one thing to achieve the other. To stay true to my fitness goals, other than working out I have committed to eliminate sugar completely from my diet. Sugar, as explained to me by my doctor, adds no value to our lives and in fact makes things worse for us in the future. A difficult decision at first, in no time I got used to the unsweetened taste in my food and beverages so much so that anything sweet is a botheration now.

In an attempt to try things differently, I have also been eliminating packaged or processed foods. More often than not, salads and pastas are quick fix meals at my place. Instead of going for the rich, fatty, cheesy and yes, undeniably delicious store bought salad dressings and pasta sauces, I have been indulging in making my own at home. Following simple yet equally delightful and of course, more nutritious and organic recipes found online, I’ve been able to make our meals at home a lot more interesting and healthier.  

While trying not to lose focus, it’s important to follow through with the commitments without getting bored of the same routine. Mix it up a little. In terms of my fitness regimen, I enjoy yoga the most. Trying different forms of the practice keeps my interest levels up and also allows me to explore how far I can go. My recent discovery is aerial yoga, a form I tried for the first time this week. Being suspended upside down with the support of a fabric was a little scary at first but once stable and safe, you can easily remain in the pose for long. The feeling of being able to achieve something you weren’t sure you’d be able to, is beyond liberating.

My aim and efforts are skewed towards doing only those things which enrich my life in different ways. Hence, every social meeting is not centred around which new restaurant or bar to try next or which movie to watch but about which books to read and discuss together, travel to places we haven’t been to before, try new activities or contribute towards charitable causes. Self-improvement and development are just as important as progressing professionally. Encouraging yourself to indulge in things that add more value to your life are worth trying every bit.

I have also noticed that the effect can easily rub off on the people around you who ultimately start practicing the same. This cycle of positivity is indeed rewarding if you were the one to have motivated them. Trying new things or doing the same things that are a part of your routine in a different manner is a good way to not be a victim of boredom. A little innovation in the different aspects of your life is a value addition in its own way. So let’s keep that focus on our goals for this year and try a few things upside down to make sure we have fun while achieving them.