The Overview: The unstoppable rains of technologies, pouring devices, drowning old establishments, the dusty procedures and rusty thinking…but what about those once mighty billion office workers, soon to come out on streets; depressed or angry demanding answers. Parallel to that, same time, new lush jungles sprouting, small new enterprises, smartly in their own new comfort-zone spaces led by critical thinkers and complex problem solvers, upskilling millions in selected regions.

If true, how come global-age economy leadership still awaiting for the march of the billion “workless” in an “officeless” world and longing for populism chants as political advantage? Jobs are eroding, work is shifting and without upskilling the human performance slipping fast on global standards.

The Fears: Such topics, fully quarantined, sealed as virus of political correctness, as sudden outbreak of awareness will collapse the fragile economic performance of most any countries today. Come next 1000 days, no matter what happens, some of the following may unfold; good or bad it will harshly challenge the preparedness of economic stamina and leadership skills on small medium business administration on economic growth patterns. Lack of mobilization and alternate strategies on upskilling the main cause of stress levels across productivity and performance in developed nations.

The Whisperings: Whispered at the WEF2020 but not fully framed due to lack of specific solutions, the elimination of most office work across the Western economies is already an open concern. The crackling of the economic prosperity under stress audible, questions about thought leadership, originators, doctrines and numbering systems that created all this house of cards in the first place…all getting louder.  Nevertheless, somewhere hidden much wider metamorphosis takes on. Underneath the zillion microcosms scattered across every small town in half of the world a deep sense of change is being squeezed by economical-injustice, amongst the young and old, little or deep educated, exposed and connected.

That lonesome crave of Metamorphisms when wings slowly grow, the caterpillar under pretence of deep sleep unlearns crawling and relearns flying, breaking chrysalis spreads colorful wings and fly out in the new world.

The Upskilling: Suddenly, technology allows an amazing metamorphism to every smallest enterprise of the world. Something never happened before and now a new art and science demanding deep immersion on the national mobilization of SME on the upskilling digital platforms to bounce with the wider world. Most have never heard this yet, as only the very big and very established could do such indulgence, small business always abandoned or crushed. The sleeping world of SME, a mass of a billion emerging new entrepreneurs, slowly growing in need of crawlers with imagination to have wings is the new call of today. To navigate in this critical complexity, building block by block upskilling models for SME ownership to cope with global-age demands of competitive performance and quality for higher exports requires deeper studies.  

The Divides: Lack of such new understanding at the top layers of administrative hierarchies of the national leaderships on exportability performance has created serious deadlocks. Nation by nation analysis shows how millions of SME are deeply stuck. Simply, the systems are broken, otherwise audible at podiums or corrected with pragmatic deployments; trade-wars are only proofs of unskilled citizenry and low level export quality, therefore today its more about measuring “Upskilling” to fully understand “skills-divides” are now the new “economic-divides”.

The Challenge: Mankind has survived millennia during the rise and falls of dynasties. Today, the five billion connected alpha dreamers are more exposed and smarter than all the few generations of pervious era combined. Below the radar, still unknown to media, they are in the metamorphosis of our conscious thinking, our savior of truth the messiah and now for a new change, we all await.

The Imagination: Imagine a billion upskilled mobilized, nation by nation in bounce with global digital platforms and study how Pentiana Project tabling upskilling models. Stand up tall as erectus, we must. Embrace tolerance and diversity or stay ignoramus.

Gutenberg impact took a century, Internet a decade, social media about half but AI in next 1000 days will teach the world some new dance steps on digital platform economies. Unsolved mysteries of economic theories must now unravel as the world has already moved ahead on and did not wait for any one single power nation, one race or species.

The games of the extreme exceptionalism have now lost

New ideas must explore pragmatism

Roundtable discussions are good start

Rest is easy