I am sure we all have fantasized about living out college life to its fullest. However, more often than not, students find themselves struggling when it comes to figuring out their college days. University is all about fun and happy moments until life strikes back. To truly excel in this phase of your life, you need a plan. A plan to not only enjoy some of the best moments of your life but also build a better one for yourself. 

Worry not! Learn what Urjil Sanghvi, a Data Science, and Economics major at the University of California, Berkeley, has to say about his college life.

 He believes that having fun in whatever you do is the most critical aspect of life. Not just when you are indulging in fun activities but also when you choose your career option. “Make sure it is what you want!” He advises the young generation. Your choice of work should be something that you are really into; it shouldn’t feel like a drag! Having an optimistic approach towards your tasks, helps. Once you gain the confidence that you have the potential to showcase your best, there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving it.

When you do what you love, it motivates you enough to keep you going. Even when hardships come your way, you will have it in you to overcome them quickly because you know that this is your forte. Urjil Sanghvi says, “Another aspect that keeps me going is that if I can work hard now, I won’t have to later” It’s all about the life you want for yourself.

Urjil is all about that delicate balance between work and life. He holds a strong opinion that your environment plays a massive role in influencing your performance at work. Maintaining a good relationship with your friends, family, and hobbies is equally essential. After all, life is all about balance.

Letting yourself loose and having fun and then giving the same focus to work and studies is crucial. Urjil Sanghvi has grown on the motto that “honest hard work and resilience can achieve anything.” Truly so. Once you learn how to create an effective strategy on how you plan to spend the best days of your life, success doesn’t lie far behind, follow him on Twitter Linkedin


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