Migration around the globe for earning a living is a very peculiar reason behind the people changing their residential address. America is one of the most developed countries in the world witnessed a lot of migration both within and outside the country. Therefore even though the US mailing address remains the same, the one for shipping by the USPS keeps on changing very often. 

Including any other third party, the website may cost you a lot of time as compared to a direct contact with the USPS for your change of address. In fact, most of the times the applicants are charged a hefty amount and the applications received by them aren’t forwarded to the authorities. Therefore, a direct contact with the officials is the best and most prior way to apply for your address change on the US Postal service.

The US postal service providers give you three different ways through which you can apply for an address change for the same.

• The first and the easiest way is to apply for an address change online on the official website of the US Postal service.

• The second way is to register for changing your address through a telephonic conversation with the US Postal service’s customer section.

• The third and the last way is to fill a form offline for your application to change your address by giving your signature.

The common factor in all the three ways is the requirement of an identity verification which is done as per the mode of application.

After a successful application for the address change, the next step remains with the authorities which call for a confirmation from the US Postal service. Also, the mode of confirmation as happens inconsistency with the mode of application.

When the application for the address change is submitted online, the applicant receives a confirmation code through an electronic mail. Otherwise, a confirmation letter along with a welcome kit which includes coupons and offers is sent to the new address by the officials within a week or two.

 This letter has to be kept with utmost safety for it includes the number that can be used to edit or cancel your request in future. The step calls for a delivery at your old address, that has a Move Validation Letter (MVL) which is sent to have a validation about your steps towards the changing of your address.1-800-ASK-USPS is the contact number for any query or information about the same.