While there are many activity-tracking watches designed for kids out there, none of them stands in the way of the best FitBit for kids. Known as the most popular activity watch among children in the United States and beyond, FitBit has proved to be one of the most effective activity-tracking devices for children.

Of course, different authors have written hundreds of reviews on this gadget. So, I will only highlight a few things that about this fitness watch that many people usually leave out. Following are the controversial truths about this fitness band.

It Doesn’t Have an Alternative

People think there is a better device out there that can act as an alternative to what FitBit Inc offers to Children. Yet, that’s a fat lie.

Kids FitBit is a unique fitness tracker for children because it has features that completely set it apart from the crowd. That means there is no device out there to compare to this one, and for good reasons.

It Works for a 5 Days without Charge

One of the things I love about FitBit trackers is that they have five days battery life. That means it will continue working between day 1 and day 5 without requiring charge. So you won’t have to spend time charging it, or buying a replacement battery.

It has a Heart Rate Monitor

Not so many fitness trackers have heart rate monitors. Maybe I am being a lot more biased than I should. Yet, FitBit for Kids is the only highly rated fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor that gives better results.

The Time to Move Feature is the best

The ideal goal of the best activity tracker for kids is to keep them on the move. And it is
best if they wear a fitness wearable that naturally reminds them to stay on the
move. Garmin has integrated a Time to Move feature that encourages motion after
every 60 minutes of idleness.