You heard it here first. You can change the way your day–and your life–is going with quick stops on the meditation train, and you don’t need a yoga studio membership to accomplish it.

Manifesting what we desire by changing our thoughts isn’t new; people have been making their dreams come true for thousands of years. You’ve heard celebrities talk about how they visualized their way to success, you see a new car you like and then notice hundreds of them on the road; and we’ve all experienced the crazy coincidence of thinking of someone just before they call you. Each of these is the result of where our thoughts are focused. It’s called the “law of attraction” and it’s based on our vibrational energy. It’s the principle that says that we attract what we think, feel, and fear.

But manifesting with the law of attraction isn’t always about big dreams, money, or even your health. Living life in flow, where you feel that the world is bending to your desires and the waters part for you throughout the day, is also the universe responding to your vibration and delivering exactly what you need to be in a state of joy. 

The key to having incredibly beautiful days is to lift the veil of negativity, doubt, and worry.

When you wake up in the morning anxious about the rain, whether you’ll make the train on time, worried about the kids being home alone, whether your co-worker is going to give you a hard time—the universe naturally delivers obstructions and an overall bad day, because that’s the frequency of your energetic vibration.

When I tell you that the solution is meditation, there’s a high possibility you will roll your eyes, but bear with me. Meditation, you probably know, is a game changer. The list of benefits is endless. From lowering your heart rate to reducing stress, meditation, we can all agree, is good. But with a daily rut like the one referenced above, how do you find an hour to take to a meditation pillow and pretend the outside world doesn’t exist? With no time to spare, how do we turn off the anxiety and worry and turn on the joy and the knowledge that all is well and that life is joyful?

Here’s the secret: You can change that negative energetic vibration you’re sending out to the universe quickly, with something that I call “micro meditation.”

To practice micro meditation, the first and most critical step is to catch yourself in the bad feeling. As soon as you feel negativity or worry coming on, acknowledge that that’s the wrong place to be. Then close your eyes, take a slow deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat this three times, and with each inhale imagine bringing in joy and with each exhale imagine all the anxiety and bad thoughts blowing out of you. Then open your eyes and acknowledge that all is well.

That’s it! You did it! The halting of thought, those three deep breaths—the precious 30 seconds you just took to nurture yourself—was meditation.

Micro meditation provides mini shifts from negativity to positivity, from worry to confidence, from fear to love.

It’s a rare person that can stay in a positive state all the time. We are spirits having a human experience, so our challenge is to overcome and remember that we are connected with—not separate from—the energy of the universe. But this doesn’t have to be a daily one-hour practice.

Try this powerful 30-second micro-meditation/affirmation exercise when the alarm wakes you in the morning:

As soon as you shut the alarm, bring your thoughts to gratitude by remembering three things you’re grateful for and take a deep breath as you think of each one, such as: waking up to another day, your kids being healthy, and that you have a good job. Then tell the universe just how you want your day to go: “I’d like to go into work a little later today and for all my meetings to go well; the universe has my back and everything always works out for me.”

Watch in amazement as the train schedule shifts, your kids report that they had fun staying home alone, and the coworker that bothers you didn’t even show up to work. 

Repeat the micro refresh intermittently to stay in this positive flow.

Micro meditation will lead to massive shifts in your life. The 30-second practices you start with will become a rewarding habit. Before you know it, you’ll be course-correcting without thinking about it and watching the waters part for you throughout the day, and when you state the affirmation “everything always works out for me” it will be because you know it is true from experience. 


  • Mary Petto

    Author of "The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction" and motivational speaker

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    Mary Petto, author of The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction, is a sought-after private coach and transformational speaker. Her presentations consistently result in immediate feedback from her audiences of miraculous manifestations and completely transformed relationships.  Whether her clients are looking for romance, sales and business success, or better grades at school, Mary’s message is: Everyone has the power to create the reality they want to experience.