Sleeping in a semi-upright position on sleeping chairs, as compared to flatbeds, provides unmatched comfort and health benefits. 

Sleep recliners will relieve your pain in areas such as neck and lower back, in addition to other health benefits. 

Maybe, like myself, you have no medical condition and only like sleeping in the recliner. Therefore, I will outline a few things about sleep recliners. 

Degenerative spondylolisthesis

Sleeping in the reclined position and having support under the knees will help reduce discomfort and pain in the lower back associated with Degenerative spondylolisthesis.

Lift chairs and sleep recliners boost blood flow throughout the body and relieve pain that comes due to walking and standing for long.

A good reclining chair will give you proper lumbar support and take away pressure from your back.

The pressure keeps the curve in your spine supported and maintain its healthy position.

The sleep recliner allows you to adjust the tilt angle and height of your pelvis and thus shift the back either away from or towards the seat back. 


Sleeping in a reclined position ensure that influx of acid due to a weakened oesophageal sphincter muscle does not happen and thus prevents heartburn.

In the reclined or standing position, the stomach acid will not pass into your esophagus.

However, if you are lying flat on your normal bed, the stomach acid moves through the esophagus and hence leads to pain. 

Prevents shallow breathing

Do you experience shallow breathing?

Maybe it’s because of sleep apnea that comes from obesity or sleeping on a flat surface.

In the flat sleeping position, the tissues will press down on the airways and thus it is great to sleep in a recliner.

With the sleep recliner, you’ll always sleep in an upright position and thus your throat tissue will not press down the airways. 

Relieves Spinal Stenosis

Individuals with lumbar spinal stenosis often feel comfortable whenever they bend forward as opposed to standing straight.

Also, sleeping on your flat mattress is more uncomfortable, for an individual with stenosis, compared to sleeping in a recliner. 

Fight Osteoarthritis pain

People with spine osteoarthritis experience sore joints and stiffness in the morning.

Using a sleep recliner will increase lumbar support and thus reduce joint compression, irritation, and pain.

It’s your Time to recline for good health

The main goal of Recliners for Sleeping is to give you great lumbar support. Interestingly, the recliners will help relieve back pain, degenerative spondylolisthesis, and heartburn and osteoarthritis pain.

Happy sleep reclining!