It may be a surprise to you just how strong a grip possessiveness and attachment to events, people, and situations have had in your life. The impact of these attachments is profound.

When your emotional body is holding onto old hurts, unfair circumstances, and people your physical body can correspond with holding onto health problems and troubles in other areas of your life.

Examine your strong attachments because they just may be the thing that’s holding you back.

To bring healing and progress to your mind, your body, your relationships, or your finances, release those possessive attachments.

Your emotions strongly influence and affect your body and health. Lurking behind every circumstance regarding your physical body are imbalances in where you direct your emotions and your affections.

Feeling intense and possessive feelings towards the people we love only holds us back.

Don’t confuse these intense emotional attachments with love, it’s quite the opposite.

I know on the surface extreme attention and powerfully strong feelings can hide under the guise of love, but when they cross the line into possessiveness and obsession, they lead to chains that only make you heavy and hold you back.

It’s scary to loosen up those attachment bonds.

We want things to go our way, we want to feel safe, we want the other person or the situation to be ok. We want to feel loved.

We’re afraid if we lessen the grip, things will slip through our fingers.

This is where you have to trust how the Universe works over your human ego.

You lose nothing by releasing those unhealthy attachments (or at least you lose nothing worth having).

In a way, release has a magnetic quality, and the more we let go of possessive bonds, the more good is attracted to us in healthy balance.

The more we pursue something, the more elusive it can become. Release your attachment to it, and it turns up for free at your front door.

Release equals freedom. Freedom for you and for the person or situation you’ve attached yourself to.

Release doesn’t mean you stop loving someone or something. Release doesn’t erase the profound moments of your life. It means there’s still a bond, but there’s space for freedom and respect within that bond.

How do you know when you need to releases something or someone?

You know you’re acting out of unhealthy attachment instead of love when you try to bend others to your will, when you’re in any way being less than 100% truthful, or when you’re being manipulative. These times require release.

People who hold a tight and controlling rein over their friends, family, and situations suffer in their health and circumstances.

When you set others free, you set yourself free. When you set yourself free, your body can regain its healthy balance.

We don’t just attach ourselves to people. We get stuck in our attachments to the stories that make up our lives.

These are the stories about our past and the labels we use to identify ourselves.

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You know you need to release a situation when you’re giving it power. Is it defining you? Are you using it as an excuse for your failures or as your reason for your successes? If your answers are yes, you need to release it.

When you think of the situation, do you feel tense and agitated or peaceful and calm? Peace and calm come from release.

“Your problems do not create themselves. You create them by your own fearful thinking. Through speaking words of release, those problems are then freed to work out in whatever way best.” — Catherine Ponder

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Does is seem plausible that if your emotional body is holding onto something, your physical body may do the same?

You’ve tried everything under the sun to lose weight, get over your back pain, help your tummy troubles, deal with your anxiety attacks…so now try speaking words of release.

Release grudges. Release people who’ve hurt you. Release situations you feel were unfair. Release yourself.

“I fully and freely release this situation. It has no attachment to me and I have no attachment to it. I let it go, so that we can all move on to our highest good.”

While you’re at it, release yourself.

We’ve all been hurt and we’ve all hurt others. Even if unintentional, ask to be released from the harm you’ve done. If you can’t do it in person, speak the words to the Universe.

“Even though I’ve made mistakes, I love and accept myself.”

Incorporate release into your daily routine.

Release is just as important as all your other healthy habits, goal setting, visualizations, and affirmations.

Release isn’t a lengthy or arduous task. Just take a minute or two each day to mentally give some statements of release.

Do it even if it feels scary, and trust that release will happen in a gentle and loving way.

Sudden or gradual, release brings healing to your life.

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