Everyone wants to complete their tasks in less time. With the help of different apps, you can automate the different tasks to stay productive and can spare more time on strategic planning.

Here are 10 apps that can be useful to organize your tasks, track your time and increase productivity:

#1 Asana

This is a project management tool having a combination of some great features of best programs such as Basecamp and Trello. Asana incorporates goal settings including deadlines so you can manage projects with setting up your goals and track progress. It provides some tools including project timelines and calendars so you can visualize your tasks.

If you are a small business owner or working professional, Asana helps to manage your projects and tasks in one place. You can use free version with limited features but full-fledged features can be used with a premium plan which is available at $9.99 per month.  

#2 Zapier

Zapier is an online platform which connects all your apps that you use for your work. It allows to synchronize all your apps, including Gmail, Trello and other apps, saves your time switching between applications and provides a quick way to access all the apps. This is a free service up to 5 zaps (zap=integration between two apps). You can create more zaps with starter pack which is available at $25 per month.

#3 Tide

Tide app is the meditation app, which has different calming sounds like rain to keep you focused and motivated. With “focus time” feature which is based on the Pomodoro Technique, it manages your work time including your breaks and inspires you to be more productive. Tide also can help to relieve and have a better sleep so you can wake up in a natural way. Tide can be used for free.

#4 Todolist

As the name suggests, Todolist app allows you to create and track all your to-dos. You can easily create a new to-do task under a specific project and assign to your team with a deadline. This app can help you to organize your tasks in order to complete your to-dos. There are some visual tools as well so you can see the progress on projects you have made on the app.


IFTTT (If This Then That) app allows you to create different applets which work on conditional statements. To cite an example, one can create an applet that sends an email to the user when he tweets with a particular hashtag. There are various apps and programs available to customize an applet. IFTTT is highly effective to automate your tasks and can be used for free.

#6 RescueTime

Sometimes we get distracted in this digital life which can be the main reason for non-productive hours. Here RescueTime can be of help to track how you spend your time. You will get a weekly report on time-spent activities on the internet, including website lists and frequent visits. This app allows you to set personal goals and it will track them for you.

The premium plan enables an option to block certain sites. For example, if you are spending more time on Facebook or any other social media site, you can block them in order to focus on more important tasks.

#7 Coach.me

An app that allows you to track your goals and habits. If you are stuck in achieving goals, get help from the community to get motivated or even you can hire one of their expert coaches. Coach.me app allows you to track and record your progress.

The main reason for the success of this app is community support. It makes easier for you to work on a new goal when someone is here to encourage and inspire to be more productive and efficient. This app helps to put your goals into action.

You can track your habits for free and can hire a coach for $15 per week.

#8 Business Calendar Pro

Business Calendar Pro has amazing features including task integration to organize events. You can select multiple events to move on other date or delete from the app. It also allows you to reschedule your events on a new date with drag and drop option. You can easily download the event calendar and send via email.
This app is only available for Google play store and can be downloaded from here.

#9 Pocket

You also want to read the latest updates and articles without affecting your work. What you can do is to save that article to read it later and Pocket can be useful for that. Pocket allows you to save articles and videos that you would like to watch later. Its browser extension is the easiest way to save it to Pocket.

You can use its free version with core features.

#10 Box

Box is a cloud storage app that allows you to manage, share and access your content from anywhere. Working with a team can be straightforward if all the docs are managed at one place and any team member can access them as easy.

This app has only paid plans starts from $5 per month with 100 GB cloud storage.

Wrapping up

There are so many apps available to use for productivity but these are my favourite apps. What other apps do you use on daily apps?