I am thrilled to be here on Thrive Global, having been asked to share excerpts from my book Breaking into Brilliance – an awakening of creative consciousness. It is my desire and hope to inspire.

The idea for BiB came out of a dream from Israel. And I began the book with another dream, paying forward my healing journey. More dreams continued to bring the manuscript to life.

We all know dreams have a strong presence. We have a movie machine deep in our consciousness creating stories in blazing color to black and white metaphor. The symbolism is interesting, poetic and always instructive.

Yet, it took the opening dream of Breaking into Brilliance, to awaken me to their true power. That morning I awoke at dawn, with my brain expanded, in an exhilarated state feeling all things were available and releasing the need for sleep or food.

 Breaking into Brilliance begins:

I WOKE FROM A POWERFUL DREAM infused with an astonishing sense of the sacred. This dream, spurred by the visit from an old friend, revealed desires from an earlier time remained unfulfilled.

I am standing with a man, in front of a line of monks dressed in brown robes with clocks for faces. Behind the monks is a room – a wall of glass, framed in brown wood, with crossed boards supporting the frames. Deep into this room is a standing clock, visible through the panes of glass. There is a great depth and stillness.

The man wants sex. The choice is clear: be with the man or own myself. I join the line of monks. I am last in line, without a robe or a clock face. I then move to a high white room with a window at the top left. Light is streaming into the room.

A boy is sitting at a simple white kitchen table. He is saying “No”.  I have to stay in this room until he says “Yes.”

I wake up thinking: It’s time. The clock is ticking. It’s time to say “Yes,” time to change. The images are powerful and the dream, upon awakening, informs every moment.

Many years later, I recognized the true importance of this dream, and I began to check in on the boy. I did this by returning again and again to my dreamscape.

During many of my check-ins the “No” was loud. And then the walls of the white room began to collapse, then the table was gone. And then finally, the boy was outside, standing in a no man’s land. The change was daunting. The boy stood in place, frozen by his freedom. What now? Where to go? How to go? He walked in circles. The ground under him was parched and cracked, his old ideas and fears cracking up.

A red bike appeared and he rode the cracked, parched land. Children were following, including one special girl. He rode and rode and the expanse was endless.

I ask myself, why is she a boy? Why am I a boy? Where is my girl? How can I integrate my male and female side?

He was truly breathing, wild with joy at the freedom and beauty. His speed was now nearly outside of time. I recognized my male side, my power, needed to grow up and learn to be strong in the world.

My girl needed to believe in her partner, her boy, to come through, to meet her creativity and especially her spirit and integrity. She needed the boy to grow up, be dependable and trustworthy. They needed to marry so I could find my balance.

Suddenly, he’s at an important university, near the Mediterranean. He’s thoughtful, sincere, a sense of purpose is in his face. He graduates this great university and is at a desk writing. Above him, in his room, golden balls of possibility dance.

Not knowing where his writing and teaching are going to take him, he is moving in an unknown country. He will reveal this to me as he is becoming a sweet, brave, strong, sensitive male, someone to hold me in his male power. He is my partner in flight, to be the soaring bird, I see, I am.

“Create the Life You Want No Matter What it Takes.”

Lynn Singer is a nyc based Voice/Diction and Consciousness Coach, author 

Lynn has taught at Yale, NYU, Circle in the Square, NYC Acting Studios, Financial Institutions as well as seminars around the world, working with a wide range of award winning clients. In my more than thirty years of experience facilitating the awakening of the voice and creative consciousness, body work, bioenergetics, poetry and emotional clearing have played a big part.
Lynn has written Breaking into Brilliance a multi-media, multi-sensorial electronic book experience, that documents her journey while simultaneously helping to guide others through theirs.
Breaking into Brilliance takes the process of self-investigation to a different level. Narrated and including animated art, Breaking into Brilliance leads you through stories, questions and images on a platform which allows you to write and upload visuals – all of which serve to deepen your creative consciousness.

www.BreakingintoBrilliance.com  www,Lynn-Singer.com   https://vimeo.com/182340525