An introvert is a person who usually tries to keep calm and minimally stimulating environments. An introvert tries to avoid social gathering as it drained all his energy. He feels more comfortable and gets his energy back while he spends some time alone.

Usually, people believe that an introvert is a shy person. It can be true, as most of the introverts are shy, but this is not true for each and every introvert.

Introversion vs. Shyness

Usually a shy person fears of social situations and a gathering of people. Whereas an introverted person just don’t like to spend time with people but he doesn’t feel any fear of them.

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How an Introvert can be a Good Leader?

For an introvert, it is difficult to be a leader as they are mostly overlooked because of their calm and quiet nature. A leader should be a person who can communicate with many others without any hesitation. But this quality lacks in the introverts.

In most of the companies, usually, extroverts are the leaders. Both personality types are extreme and most of the people lie somewhere in the middle.

Introverts vs. Extroverts

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Here are the things which might be helpful for introverts:

Stop Labeling Yourself as an Introvert

The first thing an introvert should do is stop believing that he is an introvert. Sometimes, because of the comments of different people, a person may think that he is an introvert and he stops communicating others.

If a person stops labeling himself as an introvert, it could help him to get out of this situation and he can get a leadership role in any company.

Learn to Tell Stories

Storytelling is a great skill that can make any person a charismatic leader. An introvert has many stories as he doesn’t like to express himself but he thinks a lot and focuses inward.

If an introvert start telling stories to the fellows and then teammates, he can improve his communication skills and it would be a simple step towards a good leader.

Be Brave and Push Yourself

No matter if a person is an introvert or an extrovert, it is the relationship with other people which matters as a leader.

If an introvert starts improving his relations with people by involving himself in the conversations, that could be a great help. An introvert should try to be brave and take part in a different discussion where he can give his feedback.

Find Time to Recharge

As I mentioned earlier, an introvert gets his energy back by spending some time alone. So an introvert leader should find 10 to 15 minutes during the work time in different sessions.

It would be also great if an introvert leaves a couple of evenings away from the work. Spending these evenings alone can recharge them and can help them to become a good leader.