Influence is a term that is now being widely circulated everywhere around us. Being influential, getting influenced, and restraining from influence are some of the most important aspects which would write the course of your life. Having an influence fuels your status. All human beings are constantly in the race of achieving a high status. The higher your status is, the greater is your worth and so the reverence in the eyes of people. It is frightening to think but most of our decisions are directly and indirectly related to the urge to fueling your status.

Being influential should be treated as a mightily positive attribute. Since there is so much wrong in the world, the right people are looked upon to infuse a positive change. Our world needs to be saved and so the people who have inhabited every spot on earth. We are being faced by a heap of unrelenting challenges that are so threatening and powerful that they have the potential of wiping away human existence from the world.

Climate change, religious extremism, environmental pollution, terrorism, war crimes, hate speech, intolerance, racism, etc. are some of the biggest problems concerning humans on earth. Our fight began centuries ago and it does not end anywhere. The intensity of these problems have only grown and our efforts in the past have failed and not proven enough.

In this case, it is important for us to use our own influence to garner a positive change. Here are some thoughts:

  • Understand your influence – You may be a parent, patriarch of your family, CEO, manager, school teacher or a bishop, it is important for you to understand the weight of your influence and what it could result in when exercised. It would lead to negative results if abused or positively if exercised properly. Once you know the sheer power of your influential, you need to make up your mind regarding putting it to more constructive use.
  • Get inspired – If you are an influential person, learn from people who are in the same people and how do they utilize their own asset of influence. A good example remains Adrianne Elizabeth White, a model, actress, activist, and musician who also holds a major in Psychology and minor in Philosophy. Adrianne has bagged phenomenal success throughout her career in the entertainment field. She is a world-class model and has done commercial activities for the global lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret. Adrianne is someone who has channeled her remarkable influence for the good of this world by partnering with organizations and advocating animal welfare, social justice, and environmental protection. She has joined hands with organizations including About Face, Save the Children, Humane Society, and National Resource Defense Council.
  • Assume a responsibility –You need to know that you have an individual responsibility to do something better in the world. As a human being, you have a greater responsibility in protecting all the other beings and coexisting.