It is not easy to discern intuition from mind chatter. Sometimes our cyclical dysfunctions, patterns and behavioral addictions prohibit the soft, gentle nudge to come through clearly, but setting upon this intention first is the start.

Our intuition is far beyond the traditional, gut feeling we experience in times of intensity, or emergency judgement calls. Though this is the time that we can rationalize intuition, and accept its validity, I challenge you to go beyond this surface, event specific time of intuition harkening. To one where your intuition is your divine knowingness of all things in your life from roads to take, to decisions to make, and everything in between. In short, knowing what is best for you to do, think, be or say.

The knowingness from divine intuition comes from connecting to your moment, to your presence to your nowness. And residing in, and drawing upon, this space when taking actions, garnering thoughts and making directives in our life.

Our divine intuition hastens our greatest incarnational purpose. It is the soft cloak covering our deceptions. It is the small space between our divinity and our humanity. It is this place of enlightened love, support and guidance. It is our ever present support system nudging us forward in our evolution.

We are energy. We are energetic matter. We are spiritual beings encompassed in a dense matter energetic form. We also have a Spiritual Compass at all times supporting the unfoldment of our best selves. Make use of it.


If you need more clarity, want to explore the spiritual contracts in your life, your cyclical patterns causing your distress and disallowing your alignment with your lives purpose, I am here as a spiritual coach. Monthly packages available.

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