If really all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy then you need to watch it. You need to balance work and life outside work, and ensure a burnout-free working experience. Only when you do can giving your best at work become a certainty.

So, what is the main gist?

You must leave your off-work time as truly off-work.

But that alone is not enough! You must as well find something refreshing to do with the time.

Yes, having the off-work hours isn’t as important as utilising it maximally to up your well-being. What gives the time any value at all is how you expend it. What you do with it.

With these facts in mind, I have these four tips to help you improve your well-being with your work-free hours, depending on whether they are short daily breaks or long annual/quarterly vacations.

1.        Sleep

Unarguably, there is nothing that helps your body to refresh as much as sleep. If you’ve got a relax schedule at work, you can make observing a daily siesta a habit. Since this is not about your work, at least not directly, you shouldn’t be afraid of spoiling yourself rotten with sleep as long as it’s after work.

If you religiously observe your siesta, your mental alertness will automatically become sharpened for the rest of the day.

The night rest on the other hand is an obligatory daily ritual. Your body won’t find it funny if you refuse to oblige it enough nightly rest.

2.        Lounge around

At times, all you need is just lounging about doing nothing. This way your body conserves energy while at rest and your mind fuses with it.

You can do this in a lounge chair, in the bathtub, on the beach, while in sauna or on a massage table. The key is just that you’re not raising a finger. Your mind is the only active part of you.

3.        Spend time with loved ones

During the weekends, you need to visit your loved ones or invite them over. People you truly love always have some magical effects on you. They make you smile, laugh, cackle and guffaw. All at once. So wonderful.

However, if every week won’t work for you, try and make it at least once a week.

Remember, those who love you are the only people who deserve your time. And they are the only people you’ll ever really miss when they or you are out of town.

4.        Visit places of natural attraction

As Napo Wildlife Center put it, visiting places of natural attraction can be an incredible adventure as you hike forest trails and get an up-close and personal view of the wildlife.

Whether you’re vacating locally or abroad, visiting some places of natural attraction is a temptation you’ll love to willingly give in to. Let’s take travelling overseas first.

If you have a large enough budget, vacating abroad is something you’re going to enjoy. The world is blessed with so many attractive places worthy of seeing. The same can be said about cultures and weather conditions. The Caribbean is out there with its islands, and so are the African and Arabian countries with their bright sunny days.

If you’re holidaying at home, you can choose to visit a beach that is close to your town if there is none there. You can also go to parks with loved ones or go sightseeing in San Antonio, Texas.