How do you show up at work?

Do the right people know about the work you do? Or, are you working hard and not smart?

Hear this- It’s not only what you know at work that matters-It’s who you know and how you promote yourself.

Being good at your job is sadly not key to getting ahead. If people don’t know about you and the work you do, then you’ll miss out on opportunities.

Want to get visible at work? Start doing these things TODAY:

  • Speak up at meetings- Never leave a meeting without making a contribution. This is a good way to build your authority and show that you know your stuff.
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  • Speak up about your achievements– Its a great idea to write down your achievements and speak about them. That way people understand the value you add to your team. It also gives you a confidence boost because you can articulate what your contributions have been and even use this to argue for a promotion, a raise or in your annual reviews.
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  • Say yes to team assignments– Do you shy away from team assignments? Being proactive and volunteering to take up team assignments makes you stand out and slowly, over time, you become the go-to person in your team.
  • Build relationships– Building relationships in teams around the organisation is key. Don’t get too comfortable in your team bubble. Seat with people from other teams at lunch, attend company wide events, comment on the intranet. These are just a few ways you can begin to build relationships and become better known.
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  • Build executive presence– Do you command executive presence, i.e., the way you speak, dress and behave at work? Try being more assertive in the way you speak and dress appropriately for your organisation. These things go a long way.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership– Look for opportunities to showcase your sector knowledge outside the office. Social media is a great place to start. Linkedin for example has over 500 million users. Why not update your Linkedin profile and contribute well thought out pieces regularly. Look for speaking opportunities that also help position you as an expert.

Building visibility is requires well thought out plans and consistency. You can get there if you keep at it and in no time, you’ll see yourself soar while getting all the recognition you deserve for the great work you do.