Looking Inward, Seeing Outward - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
“The person who looks outward dreams, the person who looks inward awakens.” – Carl Jung

I characterize inward-looking: not keen on others or things that don’t influence me. Intrigued by what impacts me and how I can impact and effect.

I arrived there in light of the fact that the best way to know who I esteem being and how to evaluate in case I’m experiencing that route is by searching internally.

I’m sharing this since it’s surprisingly awkward to zero in on what I esteem being and how I’m exhibiting that through my activities. Activities are stronger than words, and I’ve been around numerous individuals whose activities don’t coordinate what they state they esteem. I would prefer not to live that way.

For instance, in the event that state that I esteem being thoughtful, at that point I should be caring in all circumstances; to myself and to other people. That implies routinely registering to check whether I’m being caring and changing when important.

It’s positively simpler to search externally and be esteemed for specific attributes, however I pick currently to zero in on who I esteem being.

To do that I search inwardly.

“Insight, intuition, intelligence, and inner peace come from internally within paying attention inward. Going inward, you will awaken. True change starts within. Our inward renewal is expressed in our love to others.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

Searching inward has been self-awareness for myself and have I figured out how to consider these 4 keys to my very own development significant:

1) Self-Awareness

Mindfulness implies being fixed on your feelings, contemplations, qualities, and shortcomings.

2) Knowing Yourself

I have found this to be a magnificent apparatus to find things you most likely didn’t think about yourself, alongside a more profound comprehension of your worth framework.

3) Embrace Feedback

Now and again the best wellsprings of self-information originate from others. I am figuring out how to grasp the criticism your companions, family, companions, associates give. The manner in which you are seen can uncover significant development territories. Life is deep rooted learning.

4) Leverage Your Own Strengths

Instead of attempting to be everything to all individuals, saddle the intensity of your own extraordinary qualities and expand upon those.

“Our inward renewal is expressed in our love to others: those treasured and valued people whom God loves and longs to draw into God’s family, including people within the community of faith and outside of it: poor people, oppressed people, other people.”


  • Valerie Cheers Brown

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    I am a proud mother, grandmother, published author, Advocate for The Children's Health Defense (child advocate),  well-being & health awareness, Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack inventor &  God introduced me to alkaline water in 2010 while I changed my water & changed life in 2010, no longer needing prescription drugs, only God's healing foods, plants, & trees instead prescription drugs. 17 published research papers at Academia.edu in over 3000 published books, famous authors, and cited in research journals all over the world,  few of my papers have been mentioned over 900 times from all over the world by famous authors, research papers authors of academia.edu,  My passion is writing ages 0-100 inspirational stories, researching finding out truths, and advocating for them to be heard. I am also a contributing writer for both Thrive Global and Sivana East!  I am an inventor of a first of its kind product, The Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack,  in the world which is presently being sold all over the world with over 200 investors, Activelifeusa.com partnering with us so can be purchased in the USA which is the 1st of a kind backpack addressing posture health awareness and when the good posture, good well being.  I have written hundreds of blogs published on how to improve the health & wellbeing for both children & adults.  I share my story of how I got myself off of disability and out of poverty to not having to worry ever again how or when I can travel around the world meeting my new friends & business colleagues!  I am working effortlessly using my God-given purpose of serving others, giving my work away to the universe,  waiting to see where God & my hard work takes me.  I love writing & researching and have written hundreds of motivational & inspirational stories & blogs.  I have hundreds of short stories that will be turned into a series of books one day!