“God found the strongest woman and made her my daughter!” xoxo

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Caregiving is a definitive demonstration of adoration and love. It is a magnanimous, liberal activity, and one that numerous individuals wouldn’t consider taking on.

So give yourself some credit. Acknowledge how significant your job as a caregiver seems to be. In the midst of pain and dissatisfaction, it is hard to envision how on the planet providing care can be viewed as a positive encounter. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you dive somewhat more profound, you will locate the silver linings of your mists.

You learn everything you can, get creative when you have to and do your best. Caregiving is a huge personal accomplishment, and you should be proud of your resourcefulness, flexibility, and determination. Even with a difficult parent, caregiving can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

But I am not here to discuss the caregiving I helped with for my parents when they were sick, but a bit different caregiving and support I receive on a daily basis from my only daughter and family!

I have found that you do not have to be sick to need others’ help you and my help comes from the Lord first, but I know He has given me my beautiful family to be my caregivers NOW while I am still healthy and able to get around and very independent!

I am very blessed to have my only daughter and am very often sad she does not have siblings, but she has me and she has my siblings too especially my younger sister who is exactly 4 years older than she is.

But right now my daughter has to be the highlight of this story and without her, I don’t know what I would be doing or how I would be living! You see, she has put her life on hold to be my caregiver just like I did for my parents when I put my entire life on hold for them only when they were sick!!! You see caregiving just isn’t about taking care of the sick!

So I am truly blessed and thank God every second of every minute for never leaving me and giving me my very strong and very bossy daughter and where would I be without my siblings? My daughter we don’t see eye to eye most of the time because I guess we are too much alike and two strong women often clash occasionally, 😉 but I know she loves me and I truly love her and no matter how old she gets, she is still my baby and I am proud of the woman, mother, and daughter she has grown up to be and is still an important part of my life! Even though I may say it all of the time, I am so proud of my baby girl!

God, in His profound worry for us, personally and unpredictably gets ready for everything to work for good in our lives.

When we choose or decide to cherish God, and walk-in his plans, we will see great originate from any circumstance. It is a blessing that God provides for individuals who decide to acknowledge it. What’s more, it is a blessing he wishes to provide for all individuals.

God organizes the individuals we experience and the connections we manufacture, with the goal that he can utilize us to change lives.

While God places people throughout your life, so does the adversary. Hence, it’s critical to be careful about who you permit to access to your life. Individuals matter and I would need to state that my daughter is this individual in my life which matters to me a lot and without her at the present time, I don’t have a clue where I would be.

I have not been debilitated where I required a caregiver, however, I would need to state that I am appreciative for my daughter who is and has provided that if it was not for her I would not have the option to keep up my home and it is a really enormous cost right now with all the vital needs to keep it up. I am honored to have my child who has required her life to be postponed for her mother and I love her to such an extent!

I likewise need to state that my family means everything to me, however, I would likewise need to state that all of my siblings assume an exceptionally enormous job in my life and livelihood right now as well! We disagree and contend as siblings do, yet we love one another and I don’t have a clue what or how I would manage without my daughter & siblings at the present time and love them with my entire being as well! My other two sisters assume an enormous job in my life right now likewise and have consistently been my companions forever, however, we need to keep our distances now and again in the event that you know how sisters are now and again? 😉 lol

So fundamentally, I would need to state that my family assumes a major role in my providing care now in my life and I cannot say it enough that you don’t need to be sick or ill to have caregivers and they assume enormous jobs throughout your life and they are what they are known as a CAREGIVER and to be a CAREGIVER is an uncommon job and us as a whole need one and I can say that my family, every one of my siblings and daughter are mine!

Everybody that comes into your life, and each and every individual who has been called to be a major part of your life is there on purpose. At the point when God needs to favor you, He will send a relationship that proves to be fruitful. This could be a daughter, grandchild, siblings, a friend, a neighbor, or even a noteworthy other. God places individuals into your life at key occasions, He realizes what we need.

It doesn’t generally sound good to us, yet He sees the master plan.

Lamentably, God isn’t the main individual who puts individuals into our lives.

The adversary places individuals into our lives too, with expectations of guiding us away from progress, pursuing your dreams, away from joy, and at last, away from the Lord. The adversary puts individuals that he knows would draw you towards them. They plague your mind, body, soul, and keep you from arriving at your maximum capacity or potential. We must be cautious with who we offer access to our lives.

So after all what is God trying to tell us about His purpose?

God is God and He works all things, including your life, according to his purposes… Psalm 57:2 says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” This is key to understanding God’s purpose for your life. God has numbered your days and will fulfill every purpose He has for you.

So in conclusion, I have to say thank You, Lord, for my daughter, Tricia, and for my siblings for always being there for me! Giving consideration to someone else is a strange area. The vast majority are caught off guard for this job. There are no seminars on the most proficient method to be a decent caregiver. There is no course reading on what’s in store. Some way or another, you made sense of it. You get the hang of all that you can, get inventive when you need to, and give a valiant effort. Providing care is an immense individual achievement, and you ought to be glad for your genius, adaptability, and assurance.

I may not say it a lot, but I love you, and thank you for your CAREGIVING! And though we don’t see eye to eye quite often, I love and appreciate and am very grateful for God giving me my strong daughter, Tricia Elise!


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