Peace is something we strongly fancy, but the closer we see it, the farther we find it. It is quite strange we fail to realise what lies inside of us. While some people think that stress free life is another term for a peaceful life, the other think being productive and achieving success can drive them to peace. Well, this is one side of the coin. You can stop being stressful after getting something what you desire, but it does not guarantee that you will live peacefully. Endless desires never let anyone live with peace and calm.

Some people have overused the meditation term. Most of us think this is the best way to find inner peace, but this is good for your physical and mental health only. As long as you are in control of your desires, you cannot get a chance to live a pleasant life. The other reason for being restless all the time is fierce competition. Many people are worried about seeming less important than they really are. They want money, bungalows and luxurious cars to maintain a high rank in the society. In other words, they want to keep up with joneses.

If you actually want to live with joy, you need to understand you are unique and your potential is different from others. Money, status and luxury never bring peace. Here are the values you must adopt for a peaceful life.

Manage frustration

Frustration is a part of everyday’s life; in fact, this is what we call life. Emotional balance is crucial to obtain a sense of peace. You need to cultivate awareness within yourself to notice when you get off the track. When a frustrated moment hits you, follow these ways:

  • Breathe: Before stress mounts up and takes a toll on your thinking ability, take a deep breath. It will lessen your anxiety. Make yourself believe that nothing is out of your control. Do not disburse your energy in ranting rather think it is a phase of life and you cannot have full control over circumstances. Deep breathing will help you find a space where you can rationally think and take an appropriate action.
  • Stay focused: Being scattered is also one of the reasons for having a high level of frustration. Try to do one thing at a time. This will minimise the chances of making mistakes and being forgetful.
  • Be clear: Confusion also accounts for frustration. Unless you do not have an idea of what is your destination and what you need to do, you will stay perplexed and annoyed all the time. Get a sense of clarity – what you want and how you will achieve it.

Have inspiring people around you

Your life will be boring if you do not have people who inspire you, motivate you and teach you. Life is no picnic; you will find several moments when you feel that you need someone to guide you or to show you a direction. Inspiration and motivation will help you withstand when life is turned upside down.

When you feel that it is getting tougher and tougher day by day, you should stay in a positive environment. You should read motivational quotes. Try to find out a reason to live life when you feel that everything is finished. Read stories that throw light on how people have managed to struggle against their tough times.

Be comfortable during hard times

Many times, you will feel uncertainties and you will have a lot of reasons to justify them, for instance, “I cannot do it,” “It is very difficult,” “Why is nothing convenient in life?” etc. Every time you will have premonitions. You will not feel safe and comfortable oftentimes. You are not alone who avoids discussing uncomfortable moments.

You live in an age where everyone escapes feelings and circumstances, but you need to accept the reality and live in it to get a peaceful life. You always run away from the harsh reality by distracting your mind and begin to post happy moments on social media. For instance, if you are cautious about repayments of  taking very bad credit loans direct lenders as you are a in a tight spot, what will you do? Of course, you need to make a strategy to get out of it. Running away is not a solution. You need to understand life is not a barrel of comforts. You need to learn the art of staying comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Never stop being nice

If you want your life to be nice to you, you need to be nice to others. No matter how tough your life is, do not let circumstances overshadow these qualities:

  • Kind
  • Compassion
  • Caring

These three qualities will make you a better person. You will feel confident, positive and stay away from negative energies.

The bottom line

You need to change your outlook toward life to live life full of joy. Life is full of positive and negative phases. No matter what sort of challenges you have been facing, you can live a peaceful life if you have aforementioned values.