Brian C Jensen

Any activity which makes your large muscle group work and your blood pump falls under aerobic exercise. It is also called cardiovascular activity. Aerobic exercise encompasses swimming, brisk walking, cycling, running, heavy cleaning, and playing saucer. Studies reveal that at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise each week is beneficial during COVID to increase immunity. Swimming and brisk walking come within the forte of moderate activity, while cycling and running are examples of energetic activities. There are various benefits associated with these cardiovascular exercises, which an average individual must contemplate for overall well being.

Brian C Jensen draws the attention of readers towards the benefits of aerobics during COVID.

Enhances cardiovascular health: as the name suggests, cardiovascular activity or aerobic exercise plays an essential role in maintaining heart health. These exercises strengthen the heart and help it to pump blood efficiently throughout the body. They also play a crucial role in lowering blood pressure, reducing insufficient cholesterol levels, and increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. A minimum of forty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise at least three to four times each week helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, keeping diseases away during a pandemic.

Role of aerobic in regulating blood sugar: physical exercise is beneficial for the human body’s normal functioning. Studies reveal that regular physical exercise assists in regulating insulin and also lowers blood sugar. According to Brian C Jensen, It has an influential role in type 2 diabetes and maintaining the body’s hormone level. You may go for aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Each of them has beneficial outcomes to help you stay healthy during COVID.

Reduces the symptoms of asthma: aerobic exercise is beneficial for people with asthma issues. It helps to lessen the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. However, you must talk with your doctor before you start on a new exercise regime. They may suggest precautions and specific activities to ensure your safety while working out.

Aerobics reduces chronic pain: in case you have chronic back pain, aerobic exercise, especially the low impact activities like Aqua aerobics, may assist you in getting back muscle endurance and function. These exercises may also help you lose weight, which is the primary reason for chronic back pain.

Increases sleep: for those individuals struggling to fall asleep and who have insomnia, cardiovascular exercise during the day may help them to fall asleep quickly. A proper amalgamation of sleep, hygiene education, and aerobic exercise effectively treat insomnia during the pandemic crisis.

Regulates body weight: exercise and diet are the building blocks to lose weight. However, aerobic exercise alone has the power to assist you in losing weight. For individuals with excessive weight, they must go for moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise sessions for burning 400 to 600 calories every month. In addition to this, cutting on your calorie intake will also help you control your weight issues when you stay home confined.

You do not require any fancy equipment or gym membership for doing these workouts. These exercises are as easy as taking a stroll around your neighborhood or going on a local trail. You may use the online platform to find free workout sessions that may assist you in your fitness regime during COVID.