Varvara Vlasova

Varvara Vlasova is a model and social media influencer. Vlasova believes that the sky is truly the limit for anyone with the drive and inspiration to pursue their goals. Varvara highlights the following as the key factors that everyone needs to consider in order to develop a strong personal brand.

Have a well-defined style

A well-defined style is the key to developing a personal brand. One needs to associate themselves with a particular style that will make them stand out from the rest. There are thousands of Instagram models competing to outshine their rivals. Finding the thing that truly makes you unique is vital to launching a successful Instagram career.

Build a portfolio

Every model needs to build a portfolio to showcase their work. According to Varvara, aspiring Instagram models should ensure that their portfolios provide an accurate overview of their brand and style. Most importantly, the portfolio should contain a diverse range of photos. 

Be yourself

One of the most important things any model can do is to remain true to themselves, their interests, and their sense of style. It’s a pointless waste of time trying to impress clients or anyone else by faking who you are. Clients are attracted to models who aren’t afraid to be themselves; a model needs to have not just physical beauty, but a real personality as well.

Live a healthy lifestyle

One misconception among models is that the best way to achieve the figure they want is to go on an extreme diet and practically starve themselves. Vlasova advises young models to instead focus on maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise rather than starving themselves. Not only will you still be able to stay in shape this way, but it’s healthier for you overall.

Vlasova advises young models to keep putting in their best work and staying committed to their goals. It’s impossible to be a “perfect” model, but it’s never a bad thing to try to be one.