Many of today’s youth dream of becoming entrepreneurs, movie stars and professional basketball players. Today, entrepreneurship is “in,” with more young people hoping to build a business. And with the guidance of the podcast, community, and brand, Venture Mentality helps more of today’s youth come closer to that reality.

The company started with a podcast created by the eighteen-year-old Jacob O’Connor. Later on, the podcast would evolve into a full-fledged business committed to inspiring people to take positive action and build lives around their greatest ambitions. “Life is worth truly living and we’re an example of that,” shares O’Connor. Venture Mentality features a clothing line that seeks to deliver a strong message of inspiration and motivation to their customers. The company’s streetwear hopes to encourage people to find ways to make what they want a reality. Behind the stylish and comfortable clothing are a more robust culture and a great message. “We’re not just fitness or business,” says Jacob. “We’re whatever it means to you to live life to the fullest and to chase down your goals.”

The podcast aims to expose more people to build a business and design their lives for success. Venture Mentality hopes to help others attract success into their lives and overcome their challenges. It hopes to achieve this mission by helping people create action plans to start their ventures, chase after their goals, and overcome life’s hurdles. 

The company’s podcast has had guests the likes of Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix; Dan Fleyshman, youngest CEO of a publicly-traded company; and Dean Graziosi, the coach and speaker who has authored multiple New York Times best sellers. Venture Mentality has also interviewed many professional athletes who have made it big in the sports business, such as Sports Illustrated’s best brain trainer Trevor Moawad and Hall of Fame Hockey player Chris Pronger. In total, Venture Mentality has invited over a hundred and twenty influential leaders on the show to share their two cents on success, entrepreneurship, mindset, and right living. 

To learn more about Venture Mentality, visit the company’s podcast and website.