Veronica Figueroa

The Story of Veronica Figueroa: How She Inspires Women to Become Leaders as a Public Speaker

Veronica Figueroa has a vivacious personality. She is a thought leader and Public Speaker, motivating people with her unique techniques to fuel their success. Using out of the box methods, she inspires women with her directional wisdom to follow their dreams. Veronica prides herself on her authenticity. She doesn’t allow herself to get distracted by the competition. Instead, she is more focused on self improvement and mastering focus. With these principles, she teaches women they can take action to become the leader they were meant to be!

As a child raised in a military family in Puerto Rico, Veronica learned to adapt to constant change. Her family moved a lot. But each move meant a new experience and taught her to embrace diversity. She watched her mom start businesses each time her father was transferred to a new military station. Her mother created opportunities through her passion for diversity and leading women. This sparked a similar passion in Veronica to follow in her mom’s footsteps. At 16 years old, however, her focus shifted when she discovered she was going to have a child of her own. Knowing she could still make a difference, Veronica dedicated herself to learning how to be a mother and a positive influence in the lives of other women. Just like her own mother did.

Veronica has had to overcome some limiting beliefs to prevent anything from holding her back. After her divorce, she knew she needed to provide for her family. She had two goals: not to suffer a financial setback and to be present for her young children. Leading women as a public speaker offered her both. Through personal development, Veronica learned to overcome any challenge life brought her way. With a determined mindset, she was able to unlock new levels of success to share with others. 

When you’re free, you can pursue your dreams as you bring value to others. Fear fuels Veronica! When you face your fears and take action, she believes you find freedom. She knows that success takes time. She’s spent 15 years focused on breaking the mold of women in leadership. Today she is the Team Lead of The Figueroa Team, a nationally recognized real estate team serving Central Florida. Since Veronica acts from a place of purpose, she has found the ultimate freedom, both financially and in her success. She makes money pursuing her dreams while working where she wants, doing what she wants. “When you fall in love with your purpose, passion and the process, you will have a level of success that is unstoppable,” she says.

What’s next for Veronica? She will soon launch a course for agents and an international growth plan for global agents. She is also excited to finish and publish her new book. You can follow Veronica on Instagram @veronicafigueroainspires.