Veterinarians have a vital role to play in the health of our society by taking good care of animals. Most veterinarians use their expertise and education to protect and improve the health of both humans and animals. However, there is more than just treating animals if you decide to follow this career path. With the increase in demand for veterinarians, women have been forced to venture into this career path that was initially dominated by men. Women are now making a living after studying veterinary medicine in colleges.

Despite outnumbering men in the veterinary field, women are still underrepresented in higher management roles of the profession. Therefore, they are not able to make decisions that can impact positively in the field.  To solve this issue, organizations such as Vet Candy are now looking for ways of empowering women as professionals to bring the needed change. This company based in New Jersey is well-known for giving vet professionals something to rely on for them to succeed in the field. The company features services such as scientific updates, newsletters, web videos, clinical news and lifestyle advice available on their website.

Vet Candy is an idea of one Dr. Jill Lopez, a veterinarian business woman. After examining what women veterinarians go through, Dr. Jill Lopez decided to offer a helping hand. To achieve her goals, she asked for help from other non-veterinary experts like career coach Win Sheffield; Caitlin Kiarie, a registered nutritionist and certified financial planner Bryan Gum. Together, they were able to come up with an organization, Vet Candy, which champions for the rights of women veterinarians.

Vet Candy Focus Areas

  • Contemporary Issues

The focus point of Vet Candy is how the profession has changed over the last couple of years. The organization is, therefore, mostly concerned with contemporary issues affecting veterinarians. This is made possible by offering content which identifies and celebrates the diversity of professionals. In most cases, the content seeks to help the increased number of women and minorities among different fields including vets and vet staff.

  • Empowering Women

Vet Candy is a force to reckon with when it comes to empowering women veterinarians. Furthermore, it has also helped other vets and students who want to make it in the field. All this has been achieved by focusing on:

    Current scientific discoveries in veterinary.

    Personal and professional methods of development including how to manage stress.

    Inspirational information from veterinary professionals.

    Expert tips which cover veterinary medical topics

  • Resource for Veterinary Students

Apart from empowering women, Vet Candy also doubles up as a resource for veterinary students.  We all know how difficult it can be before you finally make it in the profession. To make life easier for students, Vet Candy offers various options including weekly digest, videos, websites, a podcast and an app. Through these options, a student taking a veterinary course can access information as they go about with their daily activities.

Dr.Jill Lopez Experience

The expertise and experience of Dr. Lopez have helped her achieve the intended goals. During her career path, Dr. Lopez has earned many awards after working with various organizations. Some of these companies include:

•    Fortune 500 companies

•    Not for profit human organizations.

•    Global pet product manufacturers.

•    Successful veterinary start-up companies.

By working in these organizations, Dr. Lopez was able to master the real art of working in this profession. Therefore, she uses this experience in helping other veterinarians, especially women, achieve their goals.

Vet Candy is just what the industry needs if professionals are to solve all the issues affecting them. With the weekly posts, you will never miss something that can make you the next big person in this field.


  • Ellen Saquiba

    CEO of Reckon Solutions and Journalist

    Ellen Re Saquiba, is a busy working woman with 2 kids, a health specialist, contributing journalist, and Founder and CEO at Reckon Solutions. Ellen has a passion for professional writing and has been a contributing journalist across Asia in many national publications. She has a special interest in writing content with the purpose of providing unique, impactful and interesting content for readers.