View on the Mental Health of Young Adults

The topic of the mental health issues caused by an unsuitable working environment, or simply our lifestyles, becomes more mundane and unrewarding, is a brutally beaten, hardly breathing one. It almost as if our mental health deteriorating has something to do with how our lives have been mutating and shapeshifting over these years. In no way am I trying to instigate a war on the advancement of our society or proclaim a new groundbreaking mantra on how to live a life. However, in this case, making observations on what might be going awry and pinpointing the possible culprits might at least be considered as a «pious» attempt to shine the light on the topic.

The most hotly debated topic on the agenda is probably how noncommittal many newly hatched young adults are when thrown out into the world. Imagine getting out of college and not knowing how to proceed further from this point on. Feeling like a stray abandoned cat feverishly seeking some kind of glistening miracle to stumble upon. Most recent graduates feel just exactly like that, whilst unadvisedly lurking in pursuit of something to hold on to.

This has caused many youngsters to experience depression-like symptoms or a full-fledged mental disease itself. According to the study by Jean M. Twenge, there is an unnervingly growing trend of young adults crumbling down under the weight of mental-related disorders. The reasoning on why this is happening are not singular in their nature. However, the most prominent causes can and need to be singled out and discussed.

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Uncertainty and Decision Fatigue

Our modern lives are imbued with the range of unpleasant encounters and thoughts that stack up like pancakes on a plate. Almost every day we are faced with choices and decisions of grading difficulty and severity. These choices and decisions have an abrasive effect on our physical and mental well-being. They slather our vitality gradually, siphoning out all of our ambitions and aspirations. 

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

Whilst the 21st century has been very lavish in terms of ascendingly improved convenience and possibilities to achieve everything you ever wanted, it also brought about a multitude of unwanted side effects. This very multitude of choices and prospects that is open to us, partially, is what hews at our core. We are constantly reminded of the seemingly infinite courses our lives can take. It overburdens and dazzles our savvy thinking as we are unsure that the path we take is the right one. 

This baleful uncertainty has especially taken a toll on many young adults. Oftentimes, they get into the harshness of the modern work environment without a proper sympathetic nudge or shoulder pat to go with. For some, the harsh and unforgiving environment is empowering. However, for most people, it breeds anxiety and clouds their vision of the future. 

Work Environment 

In recent years our work ethic has seen a drastic overhaul. Many more employers now tend to be more considerate of their workers’ mental and physical constitution, the sad truth is that overworking and instability factors are still rampant.

Work Environment
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The majority of employees still face absurd working schedules and the density of stressful situations coupled with 40+ hours working week hours. To no surprise then that people, especially in the US, literally get “maimed” by the sheer duress of the constant stress and exhaustion. This also stems other comorbid factors like obesity, heart-related issues, and a swath of psychological disorders.

The main problem here, however, is not only in how much hours people devote to their job. It is also the ability to ascribe the word “devotion” when referring to one’s job. Therefore, as an example, one can work himself to the bones all week, without batting an eye and feel satisfied because he or she genuinely enjoys the process. 

Inversely, there are also those who feel alienated and imprisoned by their, in the majority of cases, a destitute situation of not being able to actually alter their vocation. Either because of the pressure from the parents who tout them their vision of what constitutes a “respectful” and “well-paid” job. Or from one’s self inability to discern what’s best, which may also have its roots growing from various sources. 

Inconclusive Conclusion

In no way is this an exhaustive list of the only problems we should rectify. It is a mere attempt to underline and accentuate those two aspects. Not to mention that there are far more in-depth articles on such topics those interested should look into. This is just a quick overview that strives to pique the reader’s interest and give an incentive to delve deeper into the topic.

And as a side note. No, the world is not only a grim and gloom place like some subcultures may want you to believe it is.