Have you ever posted something on your blog, shared it with a few friends on Facebook or Twitter, gone to bed only to find the next day that the post has gone viral? Everyone is sharing it with their mom and dog. Bloggers have taken it up and reblogged it on their platform while media personalities take up the issue and discuss it on their platforms. It feels great, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is that not very many people are able to come up with viral content that will be shared and loved by everyone. In fact for most internet marketers, they have to rely on organic traffic from search engines in order for them to be discovered by readers. Creating commercial viral content is never that easy.

Other then creating viral content, marketers are ever creating campaigns that they would wish to go viral. Say for example that you want people to sign up for your blog as email subscribers. You want to then use the emails to send them links to new posts as well as recommending new products that you review. So, you create a great ebook that you want to use as your lead magnet but you soon find out that people are reluctant to sign up. So you want to create a viral marketing campaign where they are going to sign up in droves. But you have no idea how to do it.

With Viral Loops though, things just got better because everyone can now create content that everyone wants to read, share and love. You are also able to set up campaigns for your email marketing as well as getting prospective leads that you can then use to sell to.

How to use Viral Loops

The tool allows you to sign up for a 14 days trial after which you are supposed to pay either monthly or yearly depending on your budget. There are no coding skills required since all you need to do is take one template, merge it with another, use custom text and colors to create that amazing landing page that your readers are going to love and will not be able to resist the temptation of inviting their friends into your campaign. You also do not have to look up to that slow web developer whom you have to give endless deadlines before they craft a page to quicken up on your work since the templates enable you to come up with an awesome landing page that you do on your own.

Viral Loops is perfectly designed to host your give-away campaigns as well as your pre-launch cover pages where you want everyone to chip in and be part of your flock.

Viral Loops can be integrated with Google Analytics as well as your Facebook Pixel so that you know where your leads are coming from and therefore be able to give them what they want depending on their Geo-locality.