Success comes from self-belief.

Hard work can help you achieve anything. This piece of advice has been given to us so many times that it has now lost its meaning. The problem is that we already feel like we are working so hard, but we are not getting anywhere. Hard work is mandatory to attain many desirable goals in life. Hard work may not be pleasurable or desirable all the time. When you skip hard work, problems may arise in the future in various ways. Avoiding hard work can promote laziness, which can affect our lives in so many ways.
It is easy to find examples of successful people in the world. Every day we turn on the television, and we have images of victorious athletes paraded before our eyes. We read newspapers and magazines’ reports of renowned businessmen and businesswomen manoeuvering for their next successful investment opportunity. Even movies have our favourite actors and actresses, who often make more money through their hard work in a year than some of us will see in a lifetime. The media is ready to show us the results of these individuals, but what they do not show is the making behind this. To get where they are, all these people had to put a lot of hard work and determination.
We are in the world of constant competition where people are competing for top awards and grades in school and college, for a better designation at work, and for starting something of their own. To set us apart from the competitors, we have to learn to love the pursuit of objectives and the hard work involved. If we take the simple and easy paths in life, we will end up blending in with the crowd and being overlooked when it comes to events such as team selection or job promotion. The people who are willing to take the hard path and pursue challenging objectives become successful. Hard work is something that has to be valued because people reward others who are eager to put in the effort to accomplish all tasks to achieve success in their life. 
“I don’t believe in luck or hard work without the so-called “work smart”. It’s not all about how you work hard, but it’s about how you manage your time, resources, mind to work together for a better output.” – Jayson Zabate

To achieve what you want, you have to remember certain things, which are as follows:
1. There is No Shortcut to Success 
A person who works hard enough possesses discipline, dedication, and determination to achieve what he wants in life. “There is no shortcut to success,” “Nothing worth having comes easy,” we all have often come across these lines, but how many of us have experienced the truth behind them? 
Sometimes in life, our goals and objectives seem to be unachievable, and we start losing patience, so we start looking for shortcuts since we get tired and think that hard work is bringing in no results. But trust me, hard work will pay off sooner or later, the path of hard work is not easy, but the destination it leads to will be worth all the difficulties. 
2. There is No Alternative of Commitment 
To achieve anything in life, everyone has to show the commitment to the regular hard work, which will lead them to the summit of achievements. There is no shortcut to success; only one’s persistent efforts can turn one’s goals and objectives of life into reality. 
We all often hear the reasons people recount why they gave up. It typically follows this course of dialogue: “It wasn’t meant to be,” “It wasn’t fun anymore,” or “Life is all about having fun.” The point is worth mentioning that our minds can create any mental state we impose upon it. Instead, we should be imposing a commitment state that will allow anyone to achieve anything one wants in his life.
3. There is Another Key Called Experience
Hard work is the first step towards smart work. Through hard work, we gain experience, which helps us discover many new things. This experience enables us to think smartly to solve a critical problem and achieve success. Experience boosts problem-solving nature in a person. When a person gets to experience in a certain field, he is more likely to achieve desired goals in life and can work smartly & easily in comparison to ones who do not have experience. 
“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” ― Rabindranath Tagore
4. There must Be an Insatiable Hunger
Without any doubt, this remains the most challenging aspect of successful objective achievement. What makes some people pursue their goal with unstoppable desire while others give up when the going gets tough?
This has been my interest in the last few years. After studying human behaviour, I understood that every successful person could achieve he wanted in his life because he has an insatiable hunger to succeed. When you develop an undying desire to achieve a goal, roadblocks and failures will become mere speed humps in your way.
When you develop an undying hunger with commitment and hard work to achieve a goal, roadblocks and failures become speed humps in your path. Hard work will give you many experiences; it will make you a stronger and a better person. Just have patience and faith in yourself.