Have your ever thought of having the most successful career and life but don’t know where to start from? Or the process might be extracting and overwhelming for you? 

Then think about what would be the coolest thing that could happen this year!  It might be developing yourself or try to learn how to play an instrument. The key point what makes you feel happy and gives you joy. 

         Think what I am going to to do in next five years. Maybe being in a position you see yourself and try to adopt certain habits and repeat it everyday that would help you to reach that level. 

Try to carry a pocket journal, whenever we intract with someone we always find something different about them from us and at times it inspires us to adopt such things in our life or work or even in our behaviour. We get inspire from them, so, why not carry a notebook with you always so that you don’t forget what you learn because often in between the chaos we miss some of our great thoughts. 

          Follow a weekly journal it will ensure an update of what you are upto?  Are you working hard enough? Do you need to change your schedule? This will improve ourselves and help us to achieve the best for ourselves. 

Only if we start questioning ourselves we get the answers of where we are losing our control in adapting the habits.