There is a certain power in visualisation process. Everything your mind is able to conceive it tends to achieve. Even the most challenging thing you can imagine is only the ground you are standing on of what is possible.

I practice visualisation religiously and have seen many miracles by following the routine. Here it is:
When I close my eyes, I observe a vast canvas of soft white spread across without any boundary.
In a few seconds, the canvas fills up by itself with exciting colors, bringing it to life. It is arranged meticulously and is moving towards me.

Follow the steps to experience it for yourself:

Sit comfortably in a position that will allow you to dream.

Imagine you were to be in a state to foster the ability to dream, how would you be sitting, where would your hands be, how would you breath – full or shallow? How would your head tilt-right or left?
What is the quality of that internal voice playing in the background of your mind?

Begin to imagine this exquisite dream of yours. If you can dream for you what would it be? Your success, your well being, your favourite people – if you could dream up your own version of Wonderland what does it look like?

Allow this dream to take you into your future. What would it look like? What does your life look like? How does your better half look like? How many children, grand children, great grand children do you see?
What kind of education do they have?

Allow your mind to dream in the most appropriate way that is possible. As you dream now allow your mind for a moment to take you in the past at that time when your dreams came true. Something that was just an idea had become reality. Think about it how it came true in your life.

As you come back to your reality be aware of the many dreams that have come true and carry this new dream of yours that you just saw.How do you feel now?