Seeing is believing and when you have goals that you want to accomplish there are a variety of strategies that you can use to make them happen, including creating a vision board. 

Remember in school when the teachers had you write down some of your goals because writing them down can help you achieve them? Well, creating a vision board is taking that extra step to following your dreams. When you see it on a regular basis it stimulates your mind into thinking about the things that you want to accomplish and acting on it. 

Your vision board can be about anything including personal and professional goals. If you are looking to grow as a professional you can pick words and pictures that represent these resolutions. 

These can be made online using free websites like Canva or you can gather some old magazines, a cork-board, push pins and scrapbook paper and create one by hand. 

My vision board has a combination of professional and personal goals that I want to achieve. Currently, I have achieved a number of them including becoming a contributing writer for Thrive Global and SheKnows. 

On my vision board I have added personal goals such as becoming more active, traveling to Greece and becoming a home owner. It is important after you create a vision board, that you put it somewhere that you will see it often. I have mine as my desktop image on my work and home computer as well as my lock and home screen on my mobile device. 

Every time that I look at it I am reminded that there are things that I need to achieve and I put a plan into action, so I can make my dreams come true. I have started saving for a down payment on a home, and I make sure that I write multiple articles every week to submit to various publications. 

If you are having a hard time getting motivated to start meeting your goals then creating a vision board is a great solution for you. Decide what is important to you and start finding words and images that represent them best. 

Make your creation become a direct reflection of you and start putting plans in place to be successful in your achievements. Feel free to comment what your goals are and to share links to your vision board.


  • Keyera Mitchell

    Public Relations Specialist, Journalist and Writer Hoping to Change the World. @keyeraariana