Vivek Malik

Meet Vivek Malik, Creator of Notorious PR and Branding Strategies

The young generation has big aspirations and desires. They want to live a better life than their elderly without dealing with the financial or hustling burden. Year after year, we come to know about new talents that emerge across business sectors and industries. Learning more about them only makes us understand how individuals, more than waiting for the right opportunities, most of the time have created newer ones for them and have taken challenges head-on to reach their desired success.

This 23-year-old Indian entrepreneur runs several companies in the PR, Marketing, and Events domain. Vivek’s growing work has been conquering the marketing and PR sector for the previous two years. It often takes years for someone to achieve the kind of success he’s witnessing at such a young age. Vivek Malik has done wonderful work in the PR and branding world and has shared an important piece of related information with young businesses. He is a popular personality for his ability to create a strong brand message for his customers. 

“As you develop as a person and a business, clients will demand certain services from you. You might start off selling sales coaching, but transition into consulting with large businesses on their sales process instead. It is what you were meant for. We were blessed with the same. Although we started as a marketing company, people were aggressively asking for PR assistance, brand help, discovery calls, and clarity on getting known online. So a big shift has happened in our offerings” says Vivek. 

In the year 2021, all eyes have been on Vivek Malik as he strategizes to make any personality or brand stand tall in the highly competitive world. As the saying goes, it is not who you know, it is who knows you. Many may know how to sell in these times, but few know the ways of social media and the many avenues to developing a brand that will capture someone’s attention.

Vivek continues “People just do not stop to ask themselves real questions about their online image. To me, it is easy because I always went above and beyond to engage and entertain the people who choose to follow me and do business with our company. Somehow, others do not see that and try to cut corners on developing that brand. They assume you must have large piles of cash, but that is not true. It takes time, but more than anything, you need to focus on the experience you are giving to your followers”.

Brands have become a very popular subject in the last few years. We have personally seen the rise of the word and the importance that not only individuals have put into it, but the millions of dollars that corporations are flooding into creating a relatable brand for the consumer.

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