To celebrate 2019 as well as the launch of my newest book, “This Moment is Your Miracle”, I will be running a series of interviews on this column titled “Voices in Awakening.” To launch this new series, I’m excited to share this dialog with my long time friend & colleague, Maria Felipe. 

Rev. Maria Felipe is an Ordained Minister through Pathways of Light, which she uses to help people quiet their mind, hear their inner guidance, and connect to God. She is the author of the acclaimed book Live Your Happy and an international speaker of A Course In Miracles.

Maria, can you share with us the story of how you decided to pursue this journey? What top 3 lessons can others learn from your story?

After becoming a divorce statistic in 2009 I was left heart broken. I went on to study at Pathways Of Light, an accredited ministerial program based on A Course In Miracles to help me in my healing. At the time, I had no desire to be a minster, as I was a successful TV Host and actress and it totally defined me. No Bueno.  As I went through the program and doing the work I began to awaken.  I learned to stop making problems real and they began to no longer have an effect on me.  I even stopped looking outside myself to fix me as I went inside instead.

From there I began to share my insights in YouTube videos which began to get me recognized. Soon, I began to get asked to speak at conferences, and I even founded, the Spanish service at Unity Of Burbank.

What I learned was to “walk my studies”. To be responsible and no longer play the victim. I learned to forgive even if I did not want to and lastly to live as best as I can knowing I have everything and lack nothing.

What are the 3 things that most inspire you about 2019 / this moment in time and why?

2019 is a year full of awakening – people in the US have definitely learned the comedy and in some ways unbelievable pathways we have as individuals and as a collective, may it be in politics or on a personal level.

Everything is inviting us to decide between Love & fear in every moment. This choice has never been more obvious – for example, Marianne Williamson is running for president – who would have thought such a thing would be even possible 10 years ago. Exciting times. And all we can do is see the innocence in everything and its perfect unfoldment and divine timing.

Can you advise what is needed to engage more people in The Awakening / spiritual consciousness raising?

As a collective, we are going through the different stages of learning. And I personally think that what is most needed at this moment is the application of spiritual techniques and principles instead the intellectual consumption of it. This is the single most important action we can do in every moment and especially in 2019.

What is your favorite “Life Lesson / Life Journey  Quote”? Can you share a story of how that had relevance to your own life?

“…You never really know anything…” I had no plans to write a book. I suffer from dyslexia, and honestly I don’t like to write or read much. After having a glass of wine I wrote a paragraph that I felt could be in a book, and posted it on FB as “an excerpt from my book.” D. Patrick Miller, a literary agent and the original publisher of The Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary Renard, responded and inquired about my book. Only I did not have a book; it had been the Pinot Noir talking!  After several conversations that led me to letting go of the belief that I couldn’t be a writer, we decided to create a book proposal. A few months later, we had a book deal, and the rest is history!

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

I would say the belief that nothing outside defines me but rather God defines me.

In the last five years, what have you become better at saying no to (distractions, invitations, etc.)? What new realizations and/or approaches helped? Any other tips?

I have become better at saying no to my “cu-cu thoughts” which are thoughts that are not aligned to my true Self. This is a practice that I use and that I included in my book that helps me!

Here is an excerpt:

  1.  Stop: Take a deep breath and pause to notice what you’re thinking and feeling. If your mind is running loose with negative chatter, just stop it! 

  2.  Look: Now, look at your thought patterns. S-l-o-w d-o-w-n the pace of your thoughts so that it is easier to notice when the cuckoo voice is blocking your inner wisdom. 

  3.   Ask and listen: Ask to see difficult situations or people in another way. When your cuckoo voice has quieted, you can begin to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit telling you how to shift your perceptions. Trust that you will receive the insights that will bring you to your happy! 

Do you have a new book / app / project you’re working on or have recently launched?  Please tell us more and include a link for our readers if possible!

My Book is titled Live Your Happy and Published by New World Library! There is more information on where to get it on my website. We also offer a FREE gift with purchase.

Can you tell me about the most inspiring miracle that has happened to you in the past year?  

I became a mother which was a strong desire I had for a long time. In 2016, I found myself getting older and not finding a partner. I contemplated getting a sperm donor to later back out of it.

Thank goodness I did!

The next year I met my future husband, Christian, at a retreat I was teaching at with you. 

It was called, “The Happy Dream Retreat” put together by our dear friend, Craig Villarubia. Christian and I became good friends as he helped me launch my book. It turned into a romance and we got engaged after only 2 months after meeting.  We married 1 week after engagement, and got pregnant 2 months after that! All of this happened within 6 months!

How is that for miraculous and inspiring?!

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