Vraj Anandpara

This year he founded his digital agency named “Top Fiften” for helping people build their businesses online and achieve their dreams

“Making the most of the opportunities” is something all the successful individuals that we have heard about recently have practiced. Especially the youngsters are increasingly taking risks, doing the unusual and challenging themselves even as teenagers to make it huge in their chosen industries. This same quality and attitude of fearlessly moving ahead on their path have given a few incredible success stories, inspiring many other aspiring professionals. We came across one such highly passionate teenager entrepreneur named Vraj Anandpara, who at 18 years of age has crossed boundaries in the digital realm and emerged as one of the finest talents in the industry.

Ask him what drove him towards the digital realm at such a young age and the 18-year-old digitalpreneur quickly replies, saying, “To create my unique standing as a young entrepreneur who provides all things unique. I wanted to break the clutter and offer clients services that could provide them with the success they sought. Hence, I first began with doing S,E,O in 2018, and from there, I dived into the e-commerce world and now have founded my digital agency to provide top solutions to people for building their dream business.”

Vraj Anandpara was born in 2003 in Junagadh, Gujarat. Little did he know as a kid that he would someday take the digital world by storm with his expertise and excellence. He had started work in the e-commerce space right when the pandemic hit and, with his dropshiping prowess, could even generate $1,10,000 in just three months. This journey taught him many things like Facebook ads, graphic designing, video creation, editing, web & store building, and most importantly, how to sell to people with a proper funnel and right strategy.

Being the risk-taker that Vraj Anandpara is, he went ahead to also start his digital agency in the form of “Top Fiften” in 2021 for providing top fifteen solutions like –
1. S,E,O
2. Facebook, Google, Snap chat, TikTok Advertising
3. WhatsApp and email marketing
4. Web development
5. Funnel development
6. Social media management
7. Social media growth
8. Logo design
9. Graphics design
10. YouTube advertisement and growth
11. Celebrity advertisement
12. press release
13. Copywriting
14. Book publishing and rank to no.1 in Amazon
15. Mobile and web-based app development

Vraj Anandpara has turned into a sought-after digital coach and a public figure at 18 years of age, a feat very few youngsters have been able to achieve in this dynamic digital world. To find out more, follow him on Instagram https://instagram.com/vraj.anandpara or visit his website, https://topfiften.com/.