Waist training is meaning a process of cut down your size on your waistline and makes you have a sexy curve. Therefore, a spiral steel boned corset or a waist trainer are must needed outfit to assist you. This method began on a long time ago and there have many celebs start to use waist training method to maintain their hourglass body which included- Kim and Khloe Kardashian super-star. So why not give yourself a chance to try this weight loss method work or not?

Your Waist Training Journey

You have to choose a garment (waist trainer or corset) to start your waist training journey. We are suggesting you select waist trainer for your start point. First, you have to measure your size before buying a waist trainer. Why say so? A suitable waist trainer can help you get results better to reach your ideal waist figure, and a not fit waist trainer will easy hurt your waist and cause breathing problem, etc.

However, it is normal that feel uncomfortable for first few times you wear and need time to “break” the waist trainer. You better to select a waist trainer comes with three rows of hooks and eyes to allow you are adjusting the tightness by you, and you can use longer time. Again, reminded you must know your waist size first.

yourself a Seven Day Waist Training Challenge

Try one week and see what result you get. Even though waist training is a long-term process, but you never try never know. Maybe you will love this training after you try, so let’s follow the seven-day plan to start your journey now.

Day one: Don’t wear the trainer more than 2 hours because you have to let your body/waist to get used to the new change, and you might feel little uncomfortable.

Day two: You can wear four hours if you don’t feel any pain. In another word, if you feel any uncomfortable/pain than day one, then you remove it before it hurt yourself.

Day three: You can increase wearing hours from 4 to 6 hours. You can spend half hours to doing some workout – jogging, cardio, yoga, etc. to enhance your waist training outcome.

Day Four: You can wear the waist trainer 8 hours in a day. You might feel your daily intake are reduce because the trainer is constricted your stomach and remind you don’t eat much.

Day Fifth: Increase wearing time to 9 hours per day and do some cardio exercise to make your waist more sweat. Spend 30 mins to 1 hours to do waist training; there have many waist workout tutorial video on Youtube.

Day Sixth: I believed you already get used the waist trainer, and you can wear the waist trainer 10 hours daily. Again, eat a healthy diet, and cardio exercise will help you boost your hourglass figure result faster.

Day Seventh: Wearing 10 hour day and you realized your lifestyle and food intake had been changed. You feel your waistline getting small with weight loss.

Yes, congratulation to you!! Weight loss and getting a sexy curve waistline is not tricky, but you have to put effort. Waist training is the natural ways to help you reach your ideal body figure compare to eat slimming drugs. Why don’t give yourself a try?