dont wait

Wake up calls are an essential aspect of your life. They exist to remind us that we are off track and that we are not living according to us. But how incredible are our bodies? They will always tell us only in case we are living out of balance.

The calls come from as little as getting cold to remind us to keep warm to as severe as getting admitted to a hospital. They keep coming more often in life, and in case they are ignored, they still come in other ways, which might be severe and massive.

Should we wait for a wake up call for us to live happily? That should not be the case, act on them before they become massive.

Keep the following important tips in mind:

You Might Not Have Tomorrow

Most often do people cry and try showing the great love they had for a friend or relative who died. During their funerals, they even buy huge bouquets. Yet they had the chance of telling them “I love you” and giving the large gifts when alive.

Let’s think over this together. What if you knew you were to die tomorrow, what would you do differently today?

Normally, I would spend the first hour grieving that tomorrow is the end of my life. Try as much as possible to mend my relationships with friends and relatives. The more significant part of my time would be repairing relationships.

I would not have time to:

  •  Go out and drink myself silly
  •  Take revenge over my bullies
  • Revisit my life goals

Remember, it is time to be practical and not diplomatic.

I would not waste time trying to make the world a better place. Which other people died trying to better for their whole lives and could not. The last few hours are going to be the most difficult. That is the time to bid everyone goodbye and silently go somewhere like my bedroom to await my fate.

I would have a lot that I would want to complete, which I would have done earlier. Instead, it is better to do them today than await wake up calls. We might not have tomorrow, whatever it is, do it today.

Always Give It A Hundred Percent

In anything you do, you should be sure there is nothing more that you could have done. You just did everything in your ability. If not sure, then ask yourself why you haven’t given it your 100%. For a fulfillment in life, you will have to work hard.

Your struggles and disappointments will shape you into an attractive and inspiring human. You automatically fall in love with yourself. As such, it allows you to fall in love with everything around you and appreciate them. Give it your best to avoid painful wake up calls.

You become positive and optimistic about life and learn to: appreciate the dark moments you have been through. Be grateful for everyone around you and the situations you are in. Have determination for the future.

Hard work will strengthen, add wisdom, and give you the audacity to face life even better than before.

Do We Have To Wait For A Wake up Call To Get The Message?

Think over it for a minute.

How many times have wake up calls knocked on your door, and you never heard or ignored it?

Many are the times in life:

  • You are aware of the things you should change.
  • We feel we could be happier.
  •  Realization hits that you are missing some things.

And you still don’t take action. Not realizing you are waiting for  wake up calls. What we keep forgetting is that: life is short, waiting for the requests is a waste, and that taking a turning point is within your power and choice.

If you know well in your heart, it’s time for a change; you don’t have to look back for the messages missed. But you can take responsibility in the present to avoid the calls.


Take a vow that you will not look back, you will fight hard, learn, and do everything that is in your ability. It is for you to experience the best self inside you. Struggle until you get to where you want to be. Unleash the eagle inside you. You will learn to let the things you are afraid of becoming your past once you make a tough decision to work on yourself.

Along working on yourself, you will have to lose some of your friends and things you value. That is completely fine. All those would still be available after your success. Sacrifice today for your better tomorrow.

Get out of your comfort (default mode), explore yourself, and strive to become a better person tomorrow. Do not let painful wake up calls determine your turning point.