Since 2008, I’ve been using social media. It all started off with Facebook, then YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

To be honest, these sites are fun to use as I can connect with family, friends and acquaintances from all over.

However, I realised how time consuming and boring they can be. Each day consists of scrolling through news feeds, commenting on statuses, liking videos and pictures.

Most of the time, it’s always the same things that pop up. Whether it is an engagement or birth of a child, I see countless pictures of them.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re wonderful to see and I’m happy for the people involved but honestly, there has to be a limit on how often to post these pictures.

I’m not hating on social media but as I’m growing older, I see a reason to cut down on that and technology.

I’ve limited my use of social media to at least every three days in a week. That way, I can concentrate on the important tasks of my day, for example, job searching.

I feel more mindful of my surroundings. I can focus on the noise around me and have a taste of real life instead of burying my face in a screen.

Overall, technology is here to stay. It is taking control over our lives, changing the world for the better. 

I love how robots have been introduced to healthcare and medicine, making people more chances to survive from a lot of illnesses such as cancer.

So many apps are made to allow us to do our jobs much more simple.

As for social media, it is also here to stay. The next social network site will appear and people will soon join.

Right now, I am not sure how long I will use social media but what I do understand is that I cannot ignore it completely.