Nighttime is heavily presented as the time for when we should, sleep. It’s that magical time, for when we should move into the Universe, and the blessings of Heaven’s dreams. It’s the moments for having a line of communication with the Most High, where we sometimes gain the answers to our prayers. During our moments of sleep, we are brought into the world of dreams-the symbols, patterns, and colors, associated with it. There is an awakening into another realm; a higher consciousness and state of being. Dreams are a colorful, awakening! Yet, for some, not everyone years to go to sleep, during the context of, the night!

For those creative minds, nighttime is a space of mastering the very art of creativity. Mastering our Universal understanding for such wonders, is definitely not an easy trait. Lots of sacrifice is necessary, as it pertains to the flow of designing in the dark. It requires skill and the preserverance of consistently exploring (and moving) through nighttime’s haven. Furthermore, it requires patience. Staying up throughout the night is not an easy task. There are mental barriers to be broken. Nighttime is a true testimony to your mental strength, while hoping you are able to navigate through its timing. Of course, keep in mind that it requires for you to take a break, from time-to-time. Oh, yes! Breaks are definitely needed. They are a requirement, if you want to holistically work your mind, body, and Spirit during the context of, the night!

A certain disorder comes to mind, when it comes to staying up in the dark. The word is entitled, insomnia. The term is defined as “the inability to fall asleep.” Of course, it happens on more than one occasion. In fact, it is habitual. While there are those, who struggle with giving the body decent rest, there are those who simply can’t help, but to create, in the dark. It’s a natural phenomenon! Their gifts for doing so (their creative minds in accomplishing such tasks) is the reason for why we are able to experience beautiful music; and the art, at hand. The music is fantastical. Furthermore, we are given the opportunity to hear those hidden, creative wonders, within the nighttime’s delight!

Therefore, we have the song, “Insomnia.” What a treat! This time around, it is performed by one of the daughters of Black America’s soil. It is through one of the perfumes of such gardens; and, it is known as, Jazz! What an elixir of velvet it has come to be! For, it highlights the tales of a peculiar people, and their ability to Innovate and create, through uncertain times. Such is one of the her/historical teachings of Black America.

The very performance of “Insomnia,” sounds rather pleasant. Listeners can gain the feeling in thinking that the world of insomnia is not as “unpleasant,” as one thinks it to be. In fact, it feels entertaining; where all of the excitement and action is. However, we have to ask ourselves, just how intriguing the world of the night and Universe might be! In addition, the song, “Insomnia,” forces us to reflect upon reality. Is it during the daytime, when we are most likely, asleep? Have so many people missed out on the richness of what the Universe has to offer; as what has been created by the Heavens, through the Most High? Most likely. Maybe, it’s during the daytime-walking around like silly Zombies, where we are most asleep? What if? What if?

Moving through the treasures of her trombone, there are ways, where we find ourselves lost in a state of being, awake! Moving forward into our awakening from dreamland, there are ways of comprehending, that in reality, we are currently, asleep! Of course, so many people don’t understand that they are asleep in reality’s timing. Time and time, again, it is those awakened, during the context of the night, who are considered “crazy!” They are in tuned with these different worlds, through the midnight sky. Never forget that it’s during the night, where the greatness of music is produced! The greatness of the visual and theatrical arts is mastered and created.

Coming from a legendary trombonist, from Black America’s gardens, the world of “Insomnia,” is an adventurous wonderland. Somehow, the performance of “insomnia,” means being guided into a source of liberation, that one was unaware of its existence. It’s playful. It’s colorful. The patterns, and designs, are infinite wonders. The song “Insomnia,” teaches us about another state of awakening. Time to wake up!

Melba Liston