A walk in the park can mean different things to different people. Usually it makes me feel good. For example, it means walking in the park or taking a break from something intense, Or walking anywhere and holding hands. It can also mean looking out my window and enjoying the view of the sky and the trees and the beauty of nature.

It’s one of those expressions that connotes happiness. Relaxation. A smile.

As I said, it’s an individual perception. What does it mean to you?

Is the expression in your repertoire?

Do you see “a walk in the park” as more than “a walk in the park”?

Is it something you do on a regular basis?

Do you believe that it could be beneficial to you?

What five things come to mind when you hear the expression?

Does it surprise you that some doctors believe that a regular walk in the park can extend your life?

Do you see a walk in the park as being something romantic?

One way or another, has a walk in the park helped you solve a problem?

Would you recommend “a walk in the park” to someone?

Could a walk in the park be a break from what you were doing and looking out the window and thinking about the sky and trees and people walking by holding hands?

Could a walk in the park mean sitting on a bench having a sandwich, as you transform yourself to another part of the world?

There are many ways to change a mood. To get a break. To help you take a deep breath. “A walk in the park” in its many forms can be one of those ways.

Unquestionably, it can be helpful as you look for opportunities to Thrive.