When I wake up each day, the first thing I do is take a few minutes to pause and think of three things that bring me joy. It’s so easy to check your phone the moment you get up and you never know what may be waiting for you from today’s news to e-mails that came in overnight which can easily cause stress. This moment sets the tone for your entire day. Instead, I think about a few things that make me happy. Some days it’s the same things such as my amazing family and friends, and other days I try to think of something new. “But taking that pause has made a huge difference in how I start my day, what my mind frame is like, and my ability to have a more positive outlook.”

I’ve also picked up a second Microstep. I was off for a few days the other week, and typically, I have a really tough time disconnecting. I was diligent about setting boundaries ahead of time. I wasn’t completely disconnected all day — I dedicated time to take important calls — but outside of that, I declined meetings and stepped away so I could really be present with my family. I also set the expectation with my team which hopefully set an example giving them the latitude to do the same. My daughter was on spring break, and we had plans to be away (which became a “staycation”), we made the best of being at home and being together. It was really important for me to set those boundaries, and for my family and me to find the right balance.