Right now, I am finishing a new home — while trying to pack, move, and downsize at least half of the stuff from my old house — which is creating a lot of stress.  My wife also broke her foot, so the family is more dependent on me for all the household chores. And then, of course, COVID-19 is right in the middle of it, creating more work at home with school and the kids. I felt like I was not accomplishing enough, which always creates a level of uneasiness for me, and it was impacting my sleep.

The Microstep that  fundamentally pointed me back to my True North was just being grateful. It started with thinking of the three things I was thankful for every time I washed my hands.  That began to impact other things, and helped me feel grateful in a consistent way.  It enabled me to reframe, have positive energy, and feel so much better about the quality and speed of my work, as well as the relationships I have at home.

That first Microstep brought me back to who I am, and who I want to be, and has been building from there.


  • Stephen Horsey

    Senior Director II, People Strategy & Support, Walmart