Fortunate enough to have worked with few bright, intelligent, well-informed, real and mentally evolved people in the past and have known some progressive minds outside of work scope who are not caged within confined compartments of the mental boundaries, one commonality existed within them is their penchant for exploration of places and the extensive travel they undergo in their lives.

Operating from a space of objectivity and logic for any practical situation, one does get rubbed off by their sensible and comprehensive approach in varying degrees.

The attitude of staying above the trifling details and time filler talks and beyond all, their Socratic Wisdom.

What they imbibe from cross-cultural experiences does inculcate some enriching life lessons and learning. Not necessarily following the laden conventional social norms and leading their lives making decisions that work for them, the experience of exploration turned out to become their pivotal learning opportunity to broaden their mental horizons.

Travelling alters life is a big myth one might keep reading and listening through multiple sources and informative channels. Notwithstanding the fact, it does redefine and condition one’s Psyche, scope of thinking and understanding of matters.

This quote by Miriam Beard could not have been any truer- “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

Set of reasons to embark on travel to distant places –

  • Explore to gain a wider perspective.
  • Explore to view matters in a fresh and real light.
  • Explore to understand your version of truth.
  • Explore to understand Individualistic differences in humans.
  • Explore to emerge out of frog in the well mentality.
  • Explore to understand that world has so much to offer.
  • Explore to understand the diversity of humans on the planet, differences in their way of living and the cultural nuances.
  • Explore to know and learn outside and beyond local trend and culture.
  • Explore to listen outside of your Internal Monologue.
  • Explore to become citizen of the world.
  • Explore to gain an open mind.

Understanding Cultural Nuances and Widening Horizons

Places are nothing but varying topographies. What differ one geographical contour from another is their people and the day to day culture that enlivens it. Cross-cultural travel opens your mind to the reality, see through hearsay, overcome cultural barriers and form your truth and version of reality.

A negative stereotype and a massive opinion about Bangkok is of a hub for debauchery. Travel to the land will dispel the perception and open your eyes to versatility the city has to offer from a wide array of scrumptious street food to satiate your taste buds and offering shopping galore for inexpensive quality stuff and antiques.

Travelling to the remote interiors of a place where people struggle to meet the necessities for a decent standard of living to the most advanced and Hi-tech cities where all the modern comforts of today’s life are available opens your mind to the diverse world and the cultures we live in.