“What is this call about?” he asked. “Magic,” I said. “But, of course!” he replied, “Where shall we start?”

I’ve decided to be brave and start to ask when I sense someone is willing to talk about the woo-woo. This month alone, I’ve approached three more people who I’ve felt this sensation of knowing, that they know something about knowing something. But, of course! All three of the people I asked did indeed know and wanted to talk about it. As we discussed, each of us felt reinvigorated — remembering what we already know somehow but are still just figuring it out.

Each time I dare to open up and discuss freely, I expand my understanding. Layers upon layers of understanding reveal themselves to me as I reflect on our discussions and as I look into their recommendations for more information.

When we give ourselves permission to share we also open the door to receive. We multiply our experiences and our understandings, enriching our souls. We are each drops of water on a path that will eventually change the stone.

Each sentence we shared was an offering to expand deeper and deeper into the woo-woo. How crazy can I get? This is so fun, we see each other. I find there is an awkward dance, a fumbling of language to find the words to broach the subject of the infinite energy we may feel in others.

“Thank you, I see you. Let’s talk?”

In my experiences, seeing someone like this comes with a sensation that feels like magic. A palpable but invisible essence in the air, radiating out of each and everyone of us — some of us just a bit more aware. It’s a ‘vibe’. Perhaps it’s seen as a new hue — adding a new range of color vision, or perhaps it’s a most beautiful tune, like the blissful songs of wisdom sung by the Sirens, or simply felt a high-vibration of energy that gives us goosebumps as it explodes with wellness, wisdom, wonder and giving. This is the Thriving vibe.

I feel I’m still just scratching the surface. Part of me is scrambling up to the high-dive to accelerate my approach, but part of me is telling me to learn how to swim first.

Where to begin?

Considering the millennia of human existence and cyclical innovations, humble gurus’ courage have been multiplying in a resurgence of knowing for decades already. I have such respect and appreciation for those who felt compelled to seek this esoteric wisdom before it was even okay to say woo-woo with a smile. With very little information available to validate their sensations, these conscious pioneers bravely chased and shared their discoveries. As one of the curious, I’m so grateful. I know our collective wisdom is learning, searching and opening up to the woo-woo concepts. As the curious dip our toes in, we create another ripple that will soon multiply with another and accumulate into a wave which will wash over us all and cleanse us with love.

I feel ready but unprepared. It’s a dynamic duo of propulsion and reality checks. How do I responsibly ride this wave of positive energy that’s sweeping the Earth without knowing how to surf? You have to respect the wave, study it, listen to it, let it teach you… and then swim your butt off until you catch it and don’t look back until you’re out of the curl. (Does that sound about right, surfers?)

I’ve started meditation and appreciating yoga on a new level. It’s not just stretchy exercising anymore, it’s body-and energy-body control. The last class I was in, our teacher (my friend, Taryn, among the humble gurus who would never self-label herself as such) showed us how to use the straps to constrain our bodies within certain poses so that we could feel our energy vectors exploding past them. It was pretty body-mind-blowing.

I’m practicing letting my fears disappear and allowing myself to ‘go-there’ to experience what happens — like a Buddhist monk said of the rain cloud. It looks so scary from afar, but when you allow yourself to be in it, you realize it’s just mist. (And you might even catch a glimpse of the rainbow it’s creating in the distance.) I’m convinced that once we all start being conscious of ourselves, responsible for our energies and purposeful in our emissions, the effect will be exponential and infinite itself… flooding the world love, creating rainbows and spawning unicorns… haha, jk… to take the next step to launch us into a new era of higher-consciousness for a utopian life experience.

Humanity will reach new heights when we remember what we already know.

More and more curious are seeking, finding and radiating — illuminating the world with their creativity. We move, speak, sing, paint, orchestrate, write and infinitely more. Our creativity is our light, our light shines through our creations, allowing them to spread beyond our physical selves. The radiant are collecting to inspire. See Oprah’s Soul100 list, for example. A list that will multiply as soon as we are all more willing to talk about the woo-woo. (Thank you, Oprah. Love you!)

Today, what I know for certain is that I feel better than ever. I feel balanced, healthy, loving, happy and free. I have to put myself in that mind-space sometimes, to remember to be purposeful in creating my reality, my human experience for myself. I feel less pain, even when I stub my toe, get a blister under my foot, burn the roof of my mouth on hot pizza… it still hurts in the moment but then I remind my body that it’s only temporary, it’s really really great at healing itself, and that it hurts so I remember that it’s there, calling my attention to it, to notice it and gently send it love. Then the pain disappears. Once I remember that it is the fear of being in pain that hurts me most, it becomes easy to let it go and see it for what it is… whatever that may be.

For those of us who feel a sense of this magic, I call on you to help me and those before us and those around us. It’s our joy and opportunity to talk about the realms of possibilities. Thank you. I see you. Let’s talk.

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