Does Self Talk sound crazy to you? Think again!

Turns out, talking to yourself is normal and in fact it is a necessary quality for success!

It is no coincidence that many successful individuals like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and many more have all used personal affirmations as a tool to achieve phenomenal success in life. 

So if you wish to change your life for better , then Self Talk is your starting point!

The stories that you tell yourself will shape your thinking and influences your actions. And that is powerful!

As noted American Author Napoleon Hill quotes,

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Now, pause for a minute and think about what kind of messages are running through your brain – that complex jumble of thoughts, feelings and sensations. Are you sending encouraging thoughts or are you being too critical of your choices?

Depending on what you tell yourself, your thoughts will either pump you up with energy and motivation or drain you down with depression and anxiety.

If you do not consciously design your daily affirmations, then you will end up going through life in an auto pilot mode without reaching your full potential. 

That is the power of your thoughts.

As exciting as it sounds, however powerful positive Self-Talk is easier said than done. When faced with a negative event, it is far more convenient to just blame the situation or people rather than spend energy on counteracting negative with positive.

Over writing the negative with positive self-talk requires practice and patience.

Telling yourself better stories does not happen overnight. You can’t simply say you are genius and expect your brain to embrace that thought instantly. Rather Self-talk is a gradual process that you need to consciously work on changing your inner monologue to allow you to discover optimism, hope and joy in any given situation.

How do we rewire our brain towards positive thoughts? How do we fight toxicity in any situation and remain positive?

If you are seeking to find these answers and discover a better you, then the book “I Am” written by noted LinkedIn influencer and Forbes Contributor Bruce Kasanoff along with transformative Master StoryTeller Amy Blaschka is just what you need.

The book “I am” is a mindfulness book that will help you tell better stories. The book contains series of affirmations and thoughts that you can use as joyful exercises or as a part of your mindfulness routine. These simple nuggets of inspiration will not only to change your mindset from negative to positive but also to help you dive deeper to unlock your full potential and rediscover your creative side.

This easy-to- read book has roughly about 140 exercises or inspirations which are simple to incorporate as part of your mindfulness routine.

At first it may feel uncomfortable to read the passages aloud especially if abstract thinking stuns you. Few chapters will test your mind as you explore yourself as a Bee or a Garden while a few other chapters will instantly resonate as it will reinforce the feelings of courage, magnetism, persistence and reminds you about being destined for a higher purpose.

The Authors Bruce and Amy through this book will engage your brain and heart to unleash the power within as you will let your mind wander, explore and open up to amazing possibilities!

As you read through the book, your talk track inside your mind leading to a better You!

Here is one of my favorite chapter from the book partly because I have been trying new things and it seems to work.

“I am …courageous”

I try new things even if I’m not ready.

I allow myself to be vulnerable, for that’s where growth takes place.

Instead of hiding in the shadow, I step in the light. And by doing so, I encourage others to do the same.

These simple positive statements when repeated over a period of time will become your inner voice and will help you become the person you always wanted to be! That is how many successful people found their way and so can you!

That is the power of stories. And that is why you need to tell yourself better stories!


  • Ash Rao

    Career Coach | Writer | Corporate Recruiter

    Ash Rao is a certified Career Coach and a HR professional who enjoys blogging about better careers, productivity and self-improvement tips.

    Her blogs have been published at Thrive Global, Fast Company, Social-Hire, Powerhouse Global Magazine and many other publications.

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    She is one of the co-authors of an anthology book project  "Tough Road Creates Tough People" which is launching Oct 2019.