It is fantastic to have a lasting remembrance of the special places that you visited. You can display and track your travels with exciting designs that reveal the wealth of information and fact about the seas and lands of places you’ve visited during your travelling trips. With a scratch off map, you liven your living space with beautiful and well-designed info-graphics that depict captivating scenes. Scratch off map is a perfect means of showing people where you’ve travelled while also brightening up the walls of your home with enticing and colourful world map from 1dea. At, we stuck unique wall map of the highest quality that will breathe freshness into your home when you place them on your room walls. No matter where you put the maps, you are sure of adding something extra to the beauty of your home.

There is nothing compared having a perfect gift for him or her. It doesn’t matter what you want to use for, whether you are buying it as a gift for him or her, or you want to buy for your personal use. You are sure to get the exact option that will suit all that you are looking for in increasing the brightness and freshness of the walls of your home. At, we present you world map that enables you to scratch off the places you’ve visited around the world. You get designs that are unique featuring excellent geographical and colourful details that personalise all your travels around the world. Contrary to what is obtainable mostly on the internet where you get cheap knock-off maps, and not only are these maps map with cheap materials, they take ages to arrive when you even make purchases. You don’t get the desired result you wish for because their lesser quality can in no way measure up to the quality that is obtainable at Often, these maps come in dull colours, and the scratch off overlay may even remove the underneath image when scratching it off which defeats the purpose of buying it. When it comes scratch off maps, the only thing that 1dea understands is quality and bright colours, all the maps you get from 1dea is made with the best materials of the highest quality, and they are made by highly skilled individuals, which enables us to deliver some of the best scratch off maps around.

A Scratch off map is a piece of a world map that has a scratch foil covering all the cities in the world. If you’re a travel freak and you want to brag about the places you’ve visited, or you want to keep track of the memories of the places you’ve visited, then having a scratch off world map is ideal. When you scratch off the cities, countries, and continents you’ve visited in the map, it reveals the details, information as well as colour beneath the foil. A scratch off map can be of various kind, so it doesn’t matter the type of traveller that you are, there is a perfect scratch off map for you and will match exactly what you want from it. Whether you are the adventurous traveller or you have interest in oceanography, wildlife or cuisine, there is a scratch off map for you, and the right place to get quality maps is at

The good thing about buying your scratch off map from is that whether your aim is to scratch off the foil from every country you’ve visited around the world, or you only want to reveal the states and cities within your country that you’ve visited, 1dea will have the perfect design for you to help you uncover and inspire your travel dreams and fantasies. Everyone deserve to get what they seek, this is why 1dea has taken it upon itself to provide and design unique poster for everyone. A scratch off world map is the perfect gift for that special individual that loves moving around the world, so if you have that one friend that has the desire you reach the whole parts of the world, you can help them by getting them a scratch off map.

Scratch off maps are perfect even when they are left unscratched or when the foil is removed to reveal the colours and information beneath it. If you’ve travelled to many countries around the world or you want to live your dream of visiting a lot of places in the world, then a scratch off map provides the perfect way to start. Over time, a scratch off map will reveal a personalised world map that shows all your touring experiences. At 1dea, every map is made uniquely to meet customers needs as well as requirements; they come in beautiful foil prints that are ready for you to scratch to reveal your expedition. 1dea know how to design the perfect map for any traveller that will present a visually and perfectly stunning travel experience showing your tour adventure.

At 1dea all we care about is getting the most out all your travel experiences, and we are obsessed with how to make your tour more fun-filled. If you want to give out the perfect gift to any traveller, then a scratch off map is the right choice. They help to record as well as track all the memories of your journey around the world or your country. It will act as an inspiration to see more of the beauty of the world as well as freshens the memories of the locations you’ve been to during your travelling tour around the world. A  scratch off map help you to record your travelling adventure in a beautiful as well as elegant manner, it also doubles up as a means of livening up the walls of your home.

If you want the memories of your travelling to be part of your daily life, then buying one of 1dea scratch off maps will help you to achieve your aim. They come in unique and beautiful designs that will give you a personalised experience when you scratch off the foil to reveal all your travel adventures.


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