You climb mountains and you brand cattle. You catch fish with dynamite, and you drink beer from a dried rattlesnake skin. You hunt, make fire and kill burglars with your bare hands. You love three things; your mother, your pickup truck and your beard. That’s why you buy chocolate for your mother, gas for your truck and beard oil for your beard.

There comes a time in every mans life, when he has to show the world he has become a man, by growing a thick, luscious beard. Many you men think that they possibly cannot grow a beard, either because they think it is too patchy and not dense enough so they shave it off early, or because it itches too much and they think their skin cannot handle it, and they shave it off again too early.

Well I am here to tell you, that that is absolute rubbish, all men experience the same, and all you need to do, is just toughen up a little, grow a pair, perservere and grow that beard. How you ask, well-armed with the right beard oil, read on to learn the step to grow that glorious chin bush of a beard.

How to grow a beard… fast.

Don’t give up too quickly –

Most men give up very early because of itchiness. Beard growth is not that simple. It takes a bit of persistence.

Get a good diet –

Consume more proteins and use vitamin supplements. Your beard will get full quicker.

Exercise daily –

Beard grows easier when the testosterone levels are high and raising your testosterone level is not that difficult. Start training, go to the gym, jog or walk! Work a little more!

Daily things to be done –

Get a beard comb, use it daily 4-6 times in a day. Also give your beard a positive environment.

Take care of it well –

Wash your beard just like you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. After that you can use beard oil.

Patience is obviously the most important key to growing a fuller beard.

With the 5 things you must also be patient. Give your beard a time of 6-8 weeks to grow.