It’s an extra-good time of year to show gratitude at work (and in life). You can draft off the sentiment that naturally comes with the season.

That is, until you read of the season’s first fistfight over a big screen TV at Wherever Mart. Sentiment then switches towards wanting to disown your fellow humans.

But don’t despair. I’m announcing a Try-One-Get-One sale on gratitude. Try these 30 ways over the next 30 days and odds are you’ll receive right back.

1. Say thanks out of context​

Pull someone into a conference room and tell them why you appreciate them–just because.

2. Find a circumstance to help solve

Roll up your sleeves. Bring resources to bear. They won’t forget.

3. Let them have the idea

Even if it came from you.

4. Take the time to waste a moment

Confession: This is a Kings of Leon lyric, but it still applies. Look up from your laptop and have a laugh with someone. Appreciate the connection.

5. Be on time ten times in a row

Form a new habit that says “I respect your time.”

6. Inquire. Then really listen.

And ask thoughtful questions. Be interested, not interesting.

7. Catch someone in the act of doing something good

And reward them for it.

8. Invite someone in and ask their opinion

Especially someone not usually in your circle. Extend your circle of gratitude.

9. Visibly act on advice you’re given

It makes people feel important and valued.

10. Create time for someone

Don’t be a time sponge. Do the opposite and take on a task for someone.

11. Find out what motivates someone. Then do it.

Don’t assume what motivates you motivates all.

12. Decide to accept someone’s imperfections

Appreciate them for who they are.

13. Substitute one email for one live conversation

Use the opportunity to make a personal connection and be grateful for it.

14. Take the time–especially when you don’t have it

Odds are when you’re the busiest, so are they. Helping in such moments resonates.

15. Help a newbie out

Remember when someone extended a hand to you? It meant something.

16. Boost someone’s confidence

Like Journey sang, “Any way you want it.” Just care enough to do it.

17. Engage in positive gossip

Start a parade of gratitude.

18. Help someone get exposure for their work

Show you care by helping to showcase.

19. Take the time to teach in a teachable moment

Your investment will pay big dividends.

20. Commend (not condemn) the person with a different POV

Show appreciation for their points.

21. Put emphasis on assets, not deficits

It’s so much more powerful to do the former.

22. Have patience and empathy for the learning process

You needed this once too. Show appreciation for where they’re at.

23. Brag on your co-worker to their boss

Be genuine, and genuinely try to help their career.

24. Be a beacon of transparency

People appreciate those who keep it real.

25. Acknowledge you stand on the shoulders of giants

Find ways to thank those who helped you/the team get to where they are.

26. Share the view from the window seat

Let others know why you’re deciding what you are or what that big meeting was like you were at. Help them visualize the next step (or two or three).

27. Celebrate a small win

Don’t wait for the touchdown, celebrate the first down.

28.Give feedback and stick the landing

Be specific, sincere, and insightful.

29. Celebrate a behind-the-scenes hero

Showing gratitude to the less visible stars makes the galaxy brighter.

30.Get everyone in on the act of rewards and recognition

Set up a simple system for people to reward and recognize each other.

Bonus: Take time to reflect as a team–you’ve come a long way baby. And reflect on this list to create an attitude of gratitude.