Do you tend to worry a lot, especially when it comes to relationships?

Maybe you texted someone and they didn’t text you back.

Or you said something and you’re freaking out that it came out the wrong way.

Worrying can wreak havoc on your mindset.

According to Psychology Today, Graham C.L. Davey Ph.D shares that, “..many people believe their worry is uncontrollable, and it’s this feeling of uncontrollability that contributes to the distress many chronic worriers experience.”

I remember one year when worry nearly overtook my life.

In what felt like one fell swoop, almost everything in my life that anchored me came undone.

A relationship I thought was headed towards marriage and babies combusted.

I signed a lease on a new apartment only to get inexplicably ill a few weeks into my new ‘stable’ gig that I’d started to support my new fabulous life.

 I was let go and replaced in less than two months, I had no idea what I was going to do and my creativity mojo was non-existent.

I felt very much out of control.

A Divine Idea

I’m not sure if it was just sheer desperation or Divine intervention, but I remember hearing that you could just create a God box, a space to drop your worries into.

I mean, at that point, I didn’t have much to lose, so I figured I’d go for it.

Only I didn’t have a fancy box and the idea of going to Michaels and spending the afternoon bedazzling and hand painting something felt like a craft-I-detest-crafts nightmare, so…I reached for the simplest thing I could think of that was in abundance in my home….a tissue box.

I had several empty tissue boxes courtesy of getting ill + having multiple emotional meltdowns. 

And I had Post-Its and a marker.

The Worry Be Gone Box was born.

I’m excited to share how to make your own below, but first, what unfolded for me over the next few weeks after using it was pretty incredible.

I soon received opportunities to use my gifts and talents to help others.

I got to keep my fun apartment and the rent was paid every single month.

I met a new man who I love (and am still with!) He loves me for me (all the crazy bits too!). 

And most importantly, I created space in my head and learned how to fall in love with me and stop letting worry run my life!

I want that for you too! Ready to make a Worry Be Gone box?


Materials needed:

  • your Intuition
  • Empty tissue box
  • Sharpie or marker
  • index cards, post-it notes or any scraps of blank paper to write your worries on
  • optional: choose a power color tissue box or use a marker to color it to one!

Directions: Every time you catch yourself worrying about the same thing over and over…

1. write it down on a piece of paper and

2. drop it in the Box, with the intention to completely surrender the situation to Spirit, your Angels, etc.

3. If you want some extra support, write a prayer, mantra or statement of intent on your box to help remind you to let go of control. (My box is below so you can see an example).

4. Optional: If you are sensitive to colors and want to get all crazy with your box, consider adding colors to your box to enhance the quality you are wanting to call into your space.

Purple: Spiritual Wisdom, Intuition

Green: Healing, especially emotional

Pink: Love, Compassion

Yellow: Personal Power/Healthy Boundaries

Blue: Communication, Respect

White: Clarity, Peace

That’s it!

Whenever you feel like worry thoughts are about to take over your day, stop, breathe and remember, you have a place to release them.

They no longer have to run you.

And you are always, always supported.