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You might be tired because you were not yourself

Have you ever tried to please others? Be right? Look good? Keep a secure job? And tons of other things? Just to conform to what you thought others approve?

One day, like me, in the middle of the way, you will feel a blank. When you asked yourself: ‘Who I really am?’

After years of wearing business suits, I just cracked. It’s just not me. I’m not really a businesswoman. Really. I feel more comfortable in a meditation robe! It does not mean I did not work well for years. But that performance cost me something. And I am weary of it.

What happened when we are in burnout, in failure, with no passion? All of our being is in search of authenticity.

There is an inner voice saying: Look, my friend, you might be tired. Because you were not yourself.

But where do we find that feeling of authenticity

How to find back ourselves? At home, at the workplace? Should I stop pleasing others? Should I do whatever I want? Should I not judge others nor myself?…

Authenticity. As said Jon Kabat-Zinn, “We can’t create it. Or project an authentic version of ourselves for others to see […] The “feeling of realness and wholeness that we yearn for can’t be found outside of ourselves”.

Like me, you have probably come to this journey. In search of something bigger and more fulfilling in what you’ve been doing.

But where do we find that feeling of authenticity?

Mindfulness is a gateway to authenticity

I looked years back. And I know for me it happened with gradual and small changes in my awareness. It started by me losing one of my most beloved persons, my mother. This loss opened my eyes and my heart to the spiritual world. Where all questions of existence are raised.

Knowing that there is something bigger than life changed my perspective.

That is why Thich Nhat Hanh, in his book “The Art of Mindful Living” talks about this deep look into the nature of things. For him, meditation is not only sitting down. When we open a water tap, we feel its long journey from a cloud. When we eat fruit, we know the sunlight, the rains, and hard work are in them.

We meditate the wholeness, and realness of all things. And we are revealed being truly part of it.

Can you try this today? Simply sitting down, being fully present, feel your breath and being aware of your own thoughts.

Then there is a miracle created. We are aware of our awareness. As said Jon Kabat-Zinn, “We realize our true nature as ‘homo sapiens sapiens’ – The species that knows and knows that it knows”.

When our being is at a state of stillness, we are truly ourselves. And in that state, naturally, we are in love and kindness with all other beings. “Should I stop pleasing others? Should I do whatever I want? Should I not judge others nor myself?… ” All of these questions will naturally be resolved. You just are. And others benefit from it.

For me, mindfulness is a true gateway to our authenticity. Whether it be at home, or at work. Take time to breathe, be mindful. You will feel more who you are, and where you would be for the best of your potentials.

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