The cold air splintered my skin and caused a severe shiver as I was walking through life. My skin was lacking color as I longed for something to give me purpose. Although smiles appeared, I felt a hole inside of me that may never be filled. The need for a deep love was evident and my band-aids continued to fall off. My eyes began to shut down as my sight was becoming blurry. As people were driven to become closer to themselves, I was not the person I longed to be. The snow piled up and my feet became heavy. The wind chilled my body and the temperature continued to drop. Not only was I losing sight, but I was losing life. There was a flash of warmth but I had failed to grasp it as I had become too caught up in the constant chill. My slim chance of warmth had passed and the little sliver of hope I had left was spent on capturing it.

As I walked against the frigid air and grey skies, the snow began to lessen. My continued hope led to a clear sky and calmer winds. The farther I trudged along, the more positive the environment became. Grass appeared from under the snow and the sun had come out. The warmth had become continual and my heart began to fill with love. Due to the sun, the plants grew and my happiness blossomed. The potential that was behind bars was finally exploding following each step I took. The ground was green, the sky was blue, and I was no longer grey. I had found my sun and it had found me. The warmth rushed over my skin and caused a purpose as I walked through life.

~Thank you for reading and keep dreaming~

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